If you don’t know how well your brand and website is working for you,

let’s to take a fresh look at it through the eyes of your clients with a brand and website audit.

Is your brand cohesive across all platforms? 

Does it stand out so you’re not losing potential clients (and revenue) to your competitors

Is your website easy-to-navigate and hitting every client touchpoint to create the ultimate customer experience?

Does it have enough of YOU in it, so it makes a real connection with the best clients?

What if you could have an experienced brand and website designer audit your entire brand and website and tell you what’s working and what isn’t?

Most designers and strategists just look at your website or brand – NOT both.

I look at your entire brand experience - everything from your website to your social media platforms to your email signature, business cards, contact form, welcome packets, and more.

You can always make your brand and website “prettier,” but the most important question is…
“how can I make it more profitable?” right?

The biggest and most successful industry leaders know where to brand at every nook, crevice, and cranny.They also brand from within. Meaning, they aren’t taking their cues from customers or competitors. 

They’re setting their style, tone, values, and vision and then successfully connecting them to their dream clients, so they stand out from their competitors.

Find out if you’ve branded yourself at every touchpoint and are meeting clients’ expectations or…..

...are falling short and losing clients (and revenue) you don’t even know you’re losing.

Find out if you “look the same” across all platforms, because your brand is cohesive or….

...if you “look the same” as your competitors, because you haven’t properly differentiated yourself across all platforms.

the brand and website audit

A comprehensive evaluation of your brand and website from the eyes of a potential client
and a full report based on design, functionality, and strategy.

The brand and website audit takes you from
Having an action plan checklist of what needs to be improved and exactly how to do it After Feeling like you don’t know what to do next with your brand and website Before
Proudly showcasing a brand that’s cohesive and consistent and a website that’s user-friendly and clear After Hiding behind a brand that lacks consistency and cohesion and a website that lacks clarity and flow Before
Making a REAL connection with potential clients and wowing clients with the ultimate branded client experience that exceeds their expectations. After Unsure of where you might be missing client touchpoints and opportunities to brand your client experience so it wows everyone who comes in contact with you Before
Winning over and booking more clients more often and watching your revenue increase After Losing customers to your competitors and experiencing dips in your revenue Before

Here’s a step-by-step look at what this experience includes:


Brand Experience Audit

A thorough assessment of your entire brand and website across your platforms, marketing materials, and all necessary touchpoints from the eyes of a potential customer.


Video Walk Through

A detailed video of me going through your online presence from the perspective of an “outsider” and explaining what’s working, what needs improvement, and how you can fix it.


Action Step Checklist Report

A handy checklist you can print out that details everything I suggested needs improvement in the video and how to fix it.

what I look for across all your platforms and material

Client Experience

logical flow of your website or content; consistent branding across pages, marketing materials, and social media platforms; clear call to actions, branded touchpoints

First Impression and Overall Impression

overall design and cohesiveness; 10 second impression; overall impression; consistency; branding; logo; aesthetics


quality, optimization, style fit, and formatting

Website Functionality

does your website have all the pieces and pages it needs, newsletter sign up, proper calls to action, and more; mobile friendliness

The investment for this brand and website audit is $297 USD.

Pay for the brand and website audit using the button below ( or reach out to me via the contact page if you have any additional questions).

I’ll email you a payment confirmation and send you a website questionnaire to complete. Respond to the questions in the questionnaire and send your information back to me as soon as possible.

You’ll get an email letting you know when I’ll have your report back to you (within 14 business days). I’ll complete a thorough assessment of your website, marketing materials, and social media platforms. I’ll then record a video walkthrough and complete your action step checklist report.

I’ll send your video walkthrough and action step checklist report to you for review. Then you can get to work!

Ready to get your audit started and gain clarity about your brand?

who is this for?

This Experience Is Perfect For The Photographer Who:

    • Has bootstrapped your way through business and now wants to know where to start when it comes to improving your brand and website
    • Wants to determine how you’re positioned in your market and get corrective strategies for how to differentiate yourself and stand out from your competitors more
    • Wants to uncover the strengths and weaknesses in your brand and website
    • Hasn’t been booking your dream clients after your initial contact
    • Wants to more accurately align your customer experience with the expectations of your customers
    • Would love to raise your prices so you can take on less sessions
    • Wants to to know how to add more YOU into your brand so you make a REAL connection that attracts loyal clients and more referrals

love notes

I felt comfortable letting Ally know I was fumbling around trying to get my ideas across (and she didn't judge which is awesome) but what's best is she guided me to my end result... and for an indecisive creative, that's priceless!!  And being a creative it's so hard for me to let go of those reins, but it's exactly what I needed, and so the pairing was beyond perfection.

Jesse with Jaye Avery Photography

hey i’m alicia,

but you can call me Ally!

I’m a Brand and Web Designer for Photographers who want to break free of the sea of sameness and stand out from the crowd! 

The clients I work with know their brands don’t represent who they really are and are ready to infuse their real style and personality into their business with branding that their dream clients can’t resist.

With my 15+ years of professional design experience, I’m ready to help you build a brand and website that you love, your clients flock to, and that doesn’t look like anybody else’s.

get CLARITY and CORRECTIVE strategies

Wondering if you’re leaving clients wanting more and potential revenue on the table

Knowing every touchpoint you need to wow your customers and how to brand them better, so you’re not missing opportunities

Feeling like your brand isn’t as cohesive as it should be across platforms

Having a plan for where you need to - and how you can- make your brand more cohesive, so potential clients remember you

Afraid you’re not making a good first impression and users struggle navigating your website

Confident that you’re making an instant connection and visitors can easily follow the flow and navigation of your website


all these goodies are yours when you book

  1. Brand Experience Audit - Gain the clarity you’re after and find out how cohesive your brand is with a thorough assessment of your brand and website
  2. Video Walk Through - Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and exactly what you need to fix to improve how customers view you
  3. Action Step Checklist Report - Get step-by-step guidance using this handy checklist and report, so you can easily make changes to get more inquiries and bookings
The investment for this brand and website audit is $297 USD.

Ready to get your audit started and gain clarity about your brand?


After you purchase, you’ll receive your video assessment and action item checklist within 14 days or less. Then, we’ll schedule your 30-minute consultation call based on your schedule.

Because I have priced this so it’s incredibly accessible to photographers in all stages of business and you receive a complete report quickly, I do require full payment upfront.

Yes, if you decide to work with me within 6 months of the date you booked your audit, I’ll discount the full price of this audit ($297) off of my branding and website design package.

Ready to get your audit started and gain clarity about your brand?