Hi, My name's Alicia,

I'm not gonna ask you to give me the other half of a BFF necklace, but let's just be friends okay?

I believe you have a heart and passion that we can translate into a gorgeous brand that is profitable not just pretty. I know how it feels to be working hours on end and feeling like you are booked to the max yet you aren’t paying yourself what you are worth. You have a voice that sets you apart and shares your unique story. Together we can create an experience for your clients that starts with your website’s contact form and leads them down a professionally designed and intentional automation. How would it feel to not have to answer the hundreds of emails in your inbox because they were all taken care of at the touch of a button?

Take back your life and start actually living it!

At Ally B Designs, I work with women who connect with their business from the heart and want to connect with the heart of their client’s too. My passion is to help women stop feeling like they have to sacrifice everything for their business. Together we will develop a brand that is unapologetically you and a client experience that will make it irrelevant for people to price shop.

I know this life of owning a business and being a mama can be overwhelming. Trust me, I have been there. When I became a mother I had to make decisions that changed my business to fulfill the vision I had that came with motherhood. I leaned into my strengths of staying focused and creating systems and structure to my routine. I stopped relying on what everyone else kept telling me I was “good” at and started being ME unapologetically.

You know what happened? For the first time in this crazy journey - I have never felt so in tune with my services and how I can truly help my clients. You deserve to run a business that blesses your life not one that robs you of the treasured moments you want to hold on to for a lifetime. I intentionally design a branded experience that goes to work for you, consistently sharing your heart’s story, and attracts your dream clients.

I am ready for a brand that is profitable, not just pretty!!


One of my biggest joys of being able to work with my clients is I get to watch them go on this journey through life! I am so invested in each and every one of my clients and I truly become friends with so many of them. I get giddy being able to cheer them on, watch their babies grow, and witness their business flourish. Through each curve ball life throws our way, there is one thing that rings true - my Ally B clients are the best! I have been honored to be a part of some of the biggest days of their lives from wedding invitations, having a baby and announcing it to the word, and starting a business. I am so fortunate that my clients have been with me from the start and now I get to continue to witness each event and send my love!


When I contacted Ally B Designs to help me with my brand identity, I was all over the place with what I liked and wanted. I didn’t quite know how to communicate exactly what I was looking for. Ally pulled the branding I’d been dreaming of right out of me. She incorporated my personality and business goals, gave me great tips and insight, and designed an overall aesthetic that I love. She is a delight to work with and helped me nail down my brand identity.

Holly Mthethwa, Rugged and Redeemed