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If you are here you know there must be a better way to run your photography business. You are ready to stop winging it with every client and when or if you blog or plan your social media content! This Playbook gives you all of the tools you need to feel confident in your business and be more organized than ever!

When you have a detailed workflow you’ll know exactly where you’re at with EVERY project with EVERY client and deliver the same incredible experience EVERY time.

what's included in the email template collection:

1. Initial Inquiry Response
2. Thanks for meeting me
3. The Proposal
4. Thanks for booking
5. Serve and Educate
6. Client Information Questionnaire

Workflow Email Templates:

7. Session Location Confirmation
8. Final Payment Reminder
9. Day of Session - Thank You
10. Day After Session - Thank You
11. You’re On the Blog
12. Gallery Delivery
13. Client Testimonial

Plus these bonus email templates

because we know that these situations come up and now you have the exact response to use at your fingertips:

Instant Access to your 22-page digital download
19 Email templates with prompts on exactly where you need to personalize the email to create a connection as well as insert your own information.

14. How to respond when a client says you're too expensive
15. What to say when you’re already booked
16. A "Checking-In" Template when you (still) need a client response
17. The "Whoops! I've made a mistake"
18. The Client Hasn't Paid Yet Template
19. The "I'm Going Out of Town" Email

In the Photographer Workflow Bundle, you will be guided in planning out your detailed workflow, a FREE Trello Swipe file that gives you an outline that delivers a one of a kind experience, plus all of the emails needed to deliver a client experience that serves and creates a connection with your clients and leaves them feeling loved. The best part, since it's bundled you $$SAVE$$ on both items! Hooray!

Included in the playbook: 

Getting Started and Mapping Out a Detailed Workflow
Using Trello for Your Project Management
A Trello Swipe File of a Photographer Workflow that is strategically branded

Plus Bonus Videos

Introduction to Trello and How to plan your blog and social media content in Trello!
Plus an extra section on how to use Honeybook for your Client Experience and Workflow.

together let's build you a brand experience that connects with dream clients and keeps you booked solid

looking for a custom brand experience?

I'm in, Show me how!