5 Brands that are Killing It with Authentic Branding

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July 17, 2017

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All it takes is a Google search to find stories of big brands like Pepsi, General Mills, or even Volkswagen who have had some major advertising scandals blow up, because they weren’t authentic with their customers. This is where my message to you start with authentic branding.

In all of these instances, they pretended to give the customers what they wanted, but it wasn’t true to what they were really doing as a brand.

As more and more creative entrepreneurs start businesses or go through a rebrand, they’re wanting to build authenticity into their brands from the beginning.

Brands that lead from the heart from the beginning connect with customers in such a powerful way, because customers can sniff out authenticity like a hound dog on a trail.

The thing about infusing your brand with authenticity is that it starts from you being an authentic person and transferring those values and passions into what you do and your messaging every single day.

I reached out to to some of my friends and together we identified the brands who we think are killing it with cohesive, heart-centered messaging that’s true to who the owners are and the people they want to serve.

Here were the most mentioned female business owners and why I ( and so many others) think they’re killing it with authentic branding online and offline:

5 Heart-Centered, Female-Owned Brands that Are Killing It with Authentic Branding

  1. Emily Ley
    at https://www.emilyley.com/

    Emily is true to her message of wanting to create a simplified life for moms. From her website to her social media platforms, you can tell that she not only follows the message that she’s spreading, but she is truly successful at helping other women do it, too.
    From her Simplified Planner®  to her accessories to the challenges she hosts, her visual branding and messaging is cohesive and straight from the heart. She isn’t trying to be someone she’s not just to attract the customer’s she wants.
  2. Jenna Kutcher
    at http://jennakutcher.com/meet-jennaJenna is a photographer who has been in business since 1988. The headline on her about page of “Keepin it real since 1988” perfectly sums up who she is and what you can expect from her.She is truly authentic in sharing who she is and her story. Her visuals are all cohesive and she shares her heart and humor in every interaction. I mean who else can talk about mac and cheese as much as she does as a photographer and make it stick! I mean I think of her every time I pick up a box! There you have it folks – brand recognition!
  3. Katelyn James
    at http://katelynjames.com/

    You know instantly when you come across anything Katelyn James. In the photography industry (and beyond) most everyone knows about the crazy success this couple has experienced with their wedding photography. Their brand colors, messaging, and services are incredibly recognizable. EVEN their house is on brand and I love it! They share their life with their followers, from their sweet pooch Bokeh (I mean even the dog’s name is on point!) and their sweet baby girl are all HUGE part of them and it is shared in every way!

    From educating other photographers to wedding day photos, they make everyone feel so special and one of a kind. I mean who doesn’t want to be a KJ bride OR attend one of their in-home conferences? Can I?!
  4. Ashley Brooke Designs
    at https://ashleybrookedesigns.com/
    Ashley runs a lifestyle and brand design studio. Her mission, according to her website, is to:
    “Create pretty and witty products that encourage, inspire, and transform the everyday into the extraordinary. From your morning coffee in an ABD mug to jotting down your daily to-do list on one of our notepads, we’re passionate about transforming even life’s most routine moments into special ones”.

    You can see Ashley’s mission in all of her branding and online interactions. Everything that Ashley does has a playful, real life feel to it. I love her handwritten calligraphy! From the products to her social media to her website everything is bright ,cheerful, and on point. I have a bunch of ABD pieces and they just make me happy every time I pick them up!
  5. Lara Casey
    at http://laracasey.com/
    Lara is consistent with every message she sends into the world and you can feel her heart and passion spilling over from everything she shares, posts, and does.Her colors, handwritten notes, and PowerSheets all convey a message that’s about the ease of joy, finding the good, and being intentional. Her brand is so beautiful and balanced. Her message of faith and the way she has built PowerSheets into something that each woman can truly use to successfully conquer their goals and be their best selves is incredibly inspiring.

All of these brands lead with the hearts of the women behind them ands share authentic branding to their core.

They tell a message of authenticity without having to shout loud about how authentic they are. They live and do business by who they are and it resonates with their audience who have come to trust them, share their messages, and buy from them again and again.

When you carve out time to figure out who you are at your core and how to integrate that into your brand, you will save so much time and heartache later on. The foundation you build from holds the house up.

If you want a brand powerhouse and greater efficiency, so you can have more time and space in your real life house with the ones you really love, you gotta get to the core. When you get to the core, your brand starts working for you instead of the other way around.

These are the end results you can have too. How would it feel to start building from your heart and authenticity?

Let’s get you the same end result these ladies have had…

Grab my authentic branding workbook Design Your Authentic Brand : A Workbook Intensive to Develop an Intentional Brand that Captures the Hearts of Your Dream Clients here:


I can’t wait for you to dive in and get started being your truly authentic self and designing the brand of your dreams!

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