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It's not fun to lose out on a new client because they underestimate your talent and don't see the value in your services.

Your brand should get people excited about booking a photo shoot with you, excited for the session date, and ready to share with the world how amazing their images and experience with you was.


Does your audience see the advantage of working with you?

It’s difficult when you feel like you have so much to offer clients, but they’re hiring your competition and you know you can serve them in a more intentional and thoughtful way.

I know the struggle of trying to establish yourself as the top photographer in your community...

Yet feeling like your brand doesn’t stand out from the sea of photographers, demonstrate the value of your experience, or showcase who you are as a photographer and the experience you will provide to your clientele.

It’s time for your brand to make it obvious that you’re the best choice.

“A prospective client will form an opinion on your logo in under ten seconds.” 

 And while there’s more to branding than a logo, it still has to work hard for you and your business. You want your audience to connect with you on a personal level so your clients truly know just who they are signing up to work with and how much fun their session will be.

our services

If you’re ready to: 

Stop getting underestimated and passed over by clients while other photographers are booked out.

Ensure your photography business reflects the expertise and quality service you actually offer

Generate awareness and attract the right clients because you’re showing up consistently across platforms

Bring a sense of fun to your branding project yet follow a very strategic process so you get your branding done sooner so you're booking dream clients sooner too…

I can't wait to work with you!


The Brand Experience

The absolute key to a successful, profitable brand that works for your business is a good foundation. We dive into your business values, color psychology, target market and so much more so that we can create branding that represents you in the right way.

Once we’ve established your business’s unique visual identity, it’s time to unleash it upon the world so they can clearly see why they should choose you and are foaming at the mouth to do so.

Yes, please

for photographers

Brand Design

Check out the makings of a comprehensive brand

This is where the magic happens. Starting with a brand questionnaire, you’ll fine-tune your style and dig deep into your brand goals and values so we know exactly how to represent your business. I also ask you to pull together a Pinterest board with a few images of sites and brands that you like. Using color psychology, competitive brand research, and expert font selection, I design a comprehensive brand package with a style that’s unique to you. 

As a bonus, you also receive a brand style guide to use as your toolkit going forward (see, I don’t just leave you hanging when I’m done). This tells you how to keep your brand cohesive and shows you exactly how to use it across platforms and marketing materials going forward.

  • Brand Consultation
  • Brand Questionnaires
  • Research and Strategy
  • Style Tile and Mood Board
  • Logo Design
  • Alternate Logo
  • Signature Design
  • Badge / Icon
  • Color Palette - Primary + Secondary
  • Typeface Recommendations
  • Pattern Design
  • The Brand Style Guide

Exclusive Access to VIP Design Intensives

What happens once your brand project is finished?

Worried about going it alone after we've handed over your new brand and you have shared it with the world? Consider me your new lifelong design BFF. My brand and website design clients get exclusive access to VIP Design Intensives where they can book me to design everything from welcome packets, style guides, social media graphics, podcast branding, email signatures, business cards, and more to complete their branded client experience. 

3 hour and 6 hour intensive options are available.
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the investment

Let's talk openly and honestly here for a second. OK? Obviously, you can go the DIY route or hire less expensive designer to create a logo and send you on your way. But most often your brand will end up lacking substance and you will want to rebrand in a year or less. I have created a process where we work together to create a comprehensive brand package in alignment with your brand goals and personal style. Everything from logos, fonts, color psychology, and unique brand elements are accounted for. You could spend hours patch working these pieces together but typically you end up with a fragmented and disconnected brand.

My branding clients spend $1,500 for the complete brand experience above and are thrilled with the ease of the process and the end result. I'd love for you to be the next project on my design calendar.

If you know your business's value is buried under lackluster branding…

Let’s show people why they need to hire you as their photographer!

You don’t want your branding to be the reason clients would rather go with someone else. To ensure that your project is next on our list so you can start booking more of the clients who are a DREAM to work with, hit the button below to book a call.

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Kind Words

Ally is seriously the best! So organized, thoughtful, responsive and so creative.


She is such a kind person and has the patience of a saint! I ran into so many issues when I was trying to finish a few things on my website and she was able to handle it with such grace. She went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. My new branding is so on point with what I saw for myself. I highly recommend her services and I can’t wait to work with her again!

Ally made everything so easy and organized and she really felt like a friend. 


I had no idea what I was doing or looking for and she really helped me nail down my ideas and what I wanted my brand presence to look like. She was very responsive to my questions and I am obsessed with my finished products. I could not recommend her more and am looking forward to having her as a part of my business girl gang!

What Ally created for my brand was way better than what I had in my mind.


Ally offered just what I was looking for as far as website and design. I loved that her examples of past websites weren’t cookie cutter. They are different, beautiful and professional.  I’m looking forward to continuing to share my website with my audience and letting it represent me online. 

Perhaps you’re thinking…

“But what if I’m making a huge mistake?” 

I feel you. It’s a big investment for something you can neither wear nor drive. But it is an investment you’re making in what your business “wears”  and “drives” around compared to your competition. 

To ensure this project doesn’t overwhelm you with one more to-do, I work in manageable phases so that each section wins your approval before we move on to the next. We make sure you love everything we design. Our clients get two rounds of edits for each phase, which is usually plenty to get the branding to a place where you’re delighted with it. The most reassuring of all, because I’ve been doing this a long time, I know which questions to ask and when in order to give the project clarity.

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“If you’re not happy with your photography brand, now is always the right time to change how you’re showing up in the business world.” 

The best time to make a change was yesterday. The next best time is now.

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Hi, I’m Ally

A Brand-Focused Website Designer for photographers and wedding professionals

I love what I do for a number of reasons, but the most important one is you! I work with some of the most incredible creatives and get a thrill out of incorporating your personality and business values into your branding. I love it when my clients finally feel confident about taking up space in their own corner of the industry and are in total alignment with their brand.

get to know ally

It’s always a good idea to make sure your branding expert is the right kind of expert for you. Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Are we a good match?

+ You’re a photographer who wants to stand out from the competition in all the best ways getting booked out with the clients you love!

+ You’re ready to own who you are and share that with the world in a way that’s pretty and profitable

+ You need an award-winning and Tonic Site Shop approved designer who’s got your back and one you can trust with this whole rebrand thing 

+ You need this process to be streamlined because you are BUSY

If you wonder whether our design approach will match your vision for your website, there’s only one way to find out: dive into our portfolio. We’ve helped hundreds of photographers create stylish and strategic websites that are both profitable + pretty, and we believe we can do the same for you. 

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If your brand isn’t working for you…
let’s work together to transform it!

If you’re ready to level up in the most creative way possible, then you know what to do. Book a call with me to discuss the next phase of your journey and how we can create brand for you that is profitable + pretty. 

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Why should you choose to work with Ally?

Every detail of your brand. More importantly, this should all be designed with purpose to promote optimum growth and success. Simply put in its most basic terms, that’s exactly what I offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my design be custom?

OH, yes. Your design will be uniquely tailored to  your style, vision, and goals that you share with us. Ally B Designs confidently and passionately serves photographers.  

Do you have a certain design style?

I’m lucky that I’m a very flexible designer: I always work to your tastes, rather than my own. That’s not to say I don’t have an opinion on the look and feel of something, but I’ll always work with your needs and preferences in mind. It’s not about me, it’s about you!

Can I hire you for future designs?

Absolutely! Although we aim to equip our clients with everything they need to confidently carry their brand design into all aspects of the client experience. But if you ever need anything designed at all I offer half (3 hours) and full design days (6 hours) for my clients or I work on a per-project basis.

How long will the design process take?

I offer a seamless, collaborative design process. Most brand design projects take approximately around 4 weeks but really depend on your timely communication along the way. I won't be nagging you or hold you accountable to do the work, you have to be accountable for your own project and ready to do the work.

Do you offer payment plans?

Since the brand package is a shorter turn around project, payment plans are not available. If you book a brand and website project, payment plans are available.


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