7 Ways to Use Honeybook For Web Designers

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March 23, 2024

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As a designer myself, I struggled to find a system or flow for my business to fit all my needs. I was jumping between apps and trying to figure out what was best. 

I had squirrel syndrome trying anything and everything that came my way. I had subscriptions out the wazoo with different apps, trying to have it all. 

Until I found Honeybook. 

With Honeybook, I have been able to stay organized and focused and grow my business. No more long list of subscriptions to build a tech stack that has it all. I have found the one that works for my web business in all the ways I need it. 

And what a relief that is for this busy web designer!

In a similar boat? Climb aboard!

Time out—I know switching to a new web designer CRM (or any clientflow platform) is a time-suck. Web designers don’t exactly have tons of time to implement a new CRM willy-nilly.   

Before you make the big switch, here are 7 reasons I’ve loved using Honeybook for my web design business, and why you’ll love using Honeybook as a web designer yourself. 

Here are my top 7 Ways to Use Honeybook For Web Designers

01. Send Pricing Info and Brochures

Your potential customers can’t become for-real customers until you send them the info they’re looking for: the services and the price. You may have different levels and packages you offer to clients, with add-ons or customization as-needed. 

With Honeybook, you can send out gorgeous brochures with your services, packages, and pricing in a snap. 

02. Send Contracts (And Automated Payments)

Honeybook makes the booking process a breeze. Simply send over the contract, have them sign, and bam, it’s in your file. You’re ready to put them on your calendar, get paid, and get started on a web design project built for them.  

03. Send out Questionnaires in ONE Click

No, really. It’s that fast. And think of how ambitious and on-the-ball you’ll look as a web design professional. Automating the process of sending the first questionnaire right after your client has signed gets the process running even faster than before. 

Worried about losing the info down the line? Don’t—Honeybook saves your clients’ info so you both can look back at it anytime. No more phantom emails vanishing from your inbox!

04. Deliver Design Proofs to Your Customers with Honeybook 

As a designer, I send all of my proofs within Honeybook Smart Files! It helps to have an official sign off and all of the information in the same space.

Uploading proofs to Honeybook allows customers to view, comment, and approve any part of your design. It’s a clear, fast way to deliver results to your clients and get their immediate feedback without all of the back-and-forth of regular messaging. Honeybook’s proofing capabilities are streamlined and increase client satisfaction within the process. Hello, efficiency! 

05. All of Your Communication in ONE Space 

You’re a designer, too, so I know you have this problem. You have emails, DMs,, texts, calls, project management spaces, and so many other places to check. By sending and keeping all communication in Honeybook, all communication stays where you left it.

Of course, you might have to send a friendly reminder. No problem!  You can always share a link to their client portal and ask them to send the information in Honeybook so everyone has access to it within the workspace.

06. Schedule Meetings with a Click

No more back and forth of “When are you free to chat?” With Honeybook’s scheduling tool, you can add your availability and different appointment types (think consultations, designs and revisions, VIP Design Intensives) to the list. Send automatic reminders so no one misses out on a meeting (or can reschedule well in advance). 

You can’t make big deals without having that first meeting. Don’t put it off—lost time also means lost clients. Booking that first session boosts your chances of landing them as a client by 40%, so it’s kind of a big deal. 

Already using a scheduling service? Ditch the extra payments per month by keeping everything on one platform. 

07. Automated Emails = Your Best Friend

While you can’t automate everything as a designer (like the sweat and tears you put into your awesome designs), there are ways to automate messaging to save you time. 

Automated emails for appointments or as follow-ups can be great, but I adore Honeybook’s ability to create customizable templates to send to customers. Is it a long-time client’s birthday? Send them a note! The same can be applied to friendly holiday greetings or quick notes about design revisions. 

You’re an extra busy person, but with Honeybook for web designers, you can still be thoughtful and thorough without any extra time spent. 

Honeybook transforms the experience of web designers just like you. Out of every CRM for web designers out there, Honeybook is my #1. 

Too much blah, blah, blah, or not enough time to read everything? Here’s a quick summary of how Honeybook can help your goals as a web designer:

  1. Send brochures and pricing information
  2. Send contracts and automated payments
  3. Send out questionnaires
  4. Deliver design proofs 
  5. All communication in one place
  6. Schedule meetings with just one click
  7. Send automated emails and personalized template notes

You have little time…and lots of competition. That’s why staying organized to wow clients proves how professional you are. The rest of that time can go to impressing new clients and bringing back familiar faces. 

You’re a professional web designer and need services that reflect how serious you are about your business. I use Honeybook in my web design business to keep my clients happy and returning for more. If you have questions about Honeybook and want to chat before diving in, go ahead and contact me via my contact form.  I also offer coffee chats via Zoom if you want to chat face to face on if Honeybook would be the right decision for you. Book your call here!

Is Honeybook the Answer to Your Web Design Business Needs? 

Snag it for up to 50% off your first year with code ALLYBDESIGNS at checkout! 

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