What Marketing Templates Do You Really Need as a Creative?

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July 16, 2019

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Do you wish you could cut through the clutter and figure out what marketing templates for photographers you really need for your business? 

Should you have a new client magazine to hand out, a pricing guide, a print and product guide, or a what to wear guide? The list of “must-have” marketing templates could go on.

Just talking about the marketing materials this-that-or-the-other person tells you, you need can add a lot of pressure. 

Forget all of those items for a minute—let’s talk about the MOST important pieces you can invest in for your photography business that will make the biggest impact. 

Let’s talk about the “bare minimums” you need to have in place that will create the most consistent client experience. Because client experience is THE goal.

So, let’s start with that goal in mind and then simplify what you need to do to lay the foundation for an amazing client experience that attracts, informs, and inspires clients to book you, tell all their friends, and keep coming back (well—except perhaps if you only shoot weddings, then we hope they don’t need to LOL). 

Providing an experience is the most important part of your brand. Your brand—not just some logo—is your experience. When thinking through your client experience, you need to plan and be prepared to provide just what your clients need when they need it. No more, no less. If you provide too much all at once, you run the risk of giving them information overload and then chances are they won’t take action or make it through anyway. 

I know as a client to photographers (I get photos taken for my business and my family multiple times a year) and from talking with all of my friends, that the WORST thing a photographer can do is go radio silent. 

When a client is left in the dark about what’s going to happen next, she feels like she’s not in control. She feels like she might annoy you by asking questions, but she really wants (and needs) is to ask more questions. Then when she asks questions, she typically feels like a bother. Then, if the answer doesn’t provide the information she needs because it was a rushed response, she feels like she got the brush off and is likely to go somewhere else. And let’s be honest—there are a lot of photographers to run too.

So what can you do? I mean you don’t want to be tied to your computer or phone all the times trying to give a super personal and lengthy response to every question, right? 

What you can do is be prepared with marketing materials that provide the information your clients are looking for before they book, after they book, and after the session. 

The hard part then becomes what should you provide and when, right?

When you send too much information all at once, clients aren’t going to read it all and they are going to ask questions later on. Questions that you have probably already answered, LOL. And on the other hand, when you don’t provide enough, they have to ask questions to get what they need.

Do you see what’s happening here?

Clients will have questions and if you don’t connect with them at all of the right touchpoints by being too quiet, they won’t be wowed. (whomp whomp)

Okay, let’s dive right into it. 

The 3 Essential Marketing Templates for Photographers that are so important to use in their Client Experience.

A Pricing Guide

A pricing guide the same thing as what many call a new client magazine. BUT! The crucial thing about a pricing guide is that it needs to have all of the right pieces so that it works for you so you don’t have to work as hard making the sell or answering questions. 

The pricing guide is sent when a potential client reaches out about booking you and it should include: 

  • A heartfelt welcome noteThank them for inquiring and encourage them to read the guide to learn more about you and their experience should they book.
  • An overview of your experience and processGive a brief overview of a client’s journey of working with you and what the experience looks like from booking to photography to getting their images back and more.
  • Your packages, pricing, and payment termsEven if your prices are listed on your website, list them here again. Also include your payment terms.
  • TestimonialsShowcase past client testimonials that provide social proof and selling points that speak to why you’re the right choice.
  • About your or bioRemind people who you are and keep building a connection with a brief section or information taken straight from your about page.
  • Frequently asked questionsTackle FAQs new clients typically have before booking.
  • Call to action indicating how to bookInclude a call to action that tells the new client exactly what to do if they’re ready to book you.

marketing materials for photographers in the client experience product shop | welcome packet for photographers

A Welcome Packet

This guide is sent after a new client books. This should include everything your client needs to know to have a successful experience with you. It should also include everything you need your client to do in order to ensure your photoshoot goes well.

This prepares them for the upcoming session. Again, only provide what is needed – no more. The more you overwhelm them, the more you will have to take care of them on the other end. 

Here’s what to include:

  • A heartfelt thank you for booking and welcome “to the family” noteSincerely thank them for choosing you and encourage them to read this guide to ensure a successful shoot and great working relationship.
  • Office hours and communication policyLet clients know your office hours. If they’re random because your own shoots in the evening, tell them. Do you prefer they contact you via email only? Let them know. How soon can they expect a response? Set the expectations.
  • Client portal details and client expectationsLet clients know how they’ll access their client portal ( will they get an email with a link), how many minutes before their shoot they need to arrive, how many days before the shoot they need to send location inspiration by, etc.
  • Final Payment InformationRemind clients when their final payment is due and how to make it
  • Must Know Tips and InspirationShare tips, information, or a style guide to add value
  • Frequently asked questions—answer any FAQs clients typically have after they’ve booked and before their session
  • Next steps and call to action—do you want your client to log into their portal, follow you on Facebook, etc. Let them know

An After-Session Guide

And finally —the after session guide! After the session is when it becomes lackluster for many clients. I have been on the tail-end of an experience where I was left with so many questions. 

As a client who’s had to ask the questions: “when will I receive my photos ?” OR “do you need anything else from me?” OR “do you have fun album or print options?,” I hate feeling like I am going to annoy anyone or am having to lead the process. 

AND as a business owner, I hate when clients are asking me questions because it means I have to fully accept that I am not providing the experience that I should be. 

Following your session, this the perfect way to have another warm touchpoint with your client that gets them raving about your polished client experience and telling all their friends. Plus, it’s also a great opportunity to gently upsell products and keep clients feeling important while they wait for their photos.

Here’s what to include:

  • A heartfelt note thanking them for a great shoot
  • A reminder of how soon they will get their pictures back and how you’ll deliver them
  • Information on your favorite print labs
  • Showcase products, print options, or albums you offer and how they can order once they get their pictures
  • Call to action inviting them to follow you on social media, join your email list, or take a very specific action

These aren’t all of the marketing materials you need to create a client experience that knocks their socks off, but it is the beginning of an experience that will leave your clients happy and gushing about you. A well-thought-out and intentional client experience is the fastest way to more word of mouth referrals.

If you’d love to have these marketing templates for your photography business, great news—you can have them…TODAY…by grabbing them in my product shop.

Each ready-to-use, business-critical template has been designed by me and written by a professional copywriter. Think of these as half template + half guided coaching and cues for marketing materials for photographers that are 100% YOU and made for your clients. It’s the key to laying the foundation for a better brand experience that automatically markets your business and gets people talking about you.

Head to the product shop and check them out now.

marketing materials for photographers in the client experience product shop

If you’re looking for a more custom experience, check out my brand experience services for a complete brand experience overhaul including marketing materials and more.


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