How to build a brand that matches your personal style?

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March 28, 2020

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We all have a personal style, but not many creatives have added their owner personal flair to their business. Think back to when you first started your business. You probably weren’t thinking about your “personal brand style” – I mean come on…. you probably didn’t even know what it was!

I can bet that you probably did your best to get a website up and add your best work and sent it out into the world hoping for the best.

Then, as your business grew, you likely revamped your website—maybe even had a new logo designed, purchased a few different templates, and tried your best to be more intentional with your branding. You had grown personally and professional and you wanted everyone to see what you were now capable of.

And then, time passed.

You evolved further, really honed in on your style, and grew into a professional ________________________ [it’s your turn to fill in that blank – photographer, wedding planner, florist, virtual assistant, you name it!)

By now, you have found the clients you LOVE working with, totally jive with, and know you want to work with those dreamies on repeat (and find more of them)!

And after all of that (because it’s a lot), you may find yourself in a place where “something” just isn’t right with your personal brand style. It probably feels like your pants are giving you a muffin top. Sure, you can wear them, but damn wouldn’t it be great it everything was smooth?! 🤣

It is the worst feeling ever when you aren’t proud of your brand. You never want to be embarrassed by something you work so darn hard for. You might even have a vision in your mind and heart but it just isn’t what is being seen on your website, business cards, social media profiles, or marketing materials.

When you aren’t proud to share your brand you are definitely not functioning at your highest level as a business now are you?

You probably hold yourself back from going ALL IN or putting yourself out there in some way, shape, or form. And, you are likely hesitant to try new things or compete with the “big dogs”.

Have you found yourself playing small? 

Think about it now…is there something you’ve wanted to do or someone you’ve wanted to reach out to, to collaborate with, but you’ve put it off because you’ve felt like you needed to “perfect” your brand in some way or just didn’t feel like you were quite where you want to be?

When you don’t have a brand you want to share and are obsessed with, it is time for a change.

When you don’t feel comfortable or in control of your brand, your confidence really takes big hit! It directly affects how quickly and boldly you step up and play big like you know you’re meant to.

It can also eat away at your mental space when you feel like you’re always trying to work with a brand that doesn’t fit.  

If you have worked hard on your business, found your editing style and are consistent, and you have really forged the path that you want to go down, yet you know the brand you built from the beginning no longer represents who you are as a business owner now…


So, what do you need to do? You need to rework your brand to show not just show who you really are, BUT the you that has evolved and grown since you first started your business. 

You need a brand that shows why you are unique, allows your personal style to shine through, and creates a connection with your potential clients so that they feel like they are your friend before they even meet you in person.

When you aren’t comfortable or confident with your brand your potential clients can feel that. It might not seem direct but there is a lingering feeling of your brand not being as professional, high level, or attentive as other brands. It might not be intentional, but it is just like in real life, if we get ready for a night out and feel fantastic – we are going to be way more confident walking into a room vs. if we feel off and our outfit is a mess!

The biggest transformation that can come with a rebrand where you own who you are and put real intention behind it, is that you will start booking clients who are your dream clients that you want more of because they will already be in love and have NO hesitation signing on the dotted line.

→ These are the clients who see the value in your services.
→ The clients who aren’t booking on price.
→ The clients who they feel like they are freinds with because you have created a genuine connection by being who you are! Best part is, they will already know and love your style. (no more trying to change your packages to meet the client where they want to be – you are the pro!)

If you’re ready to be original and truly create a personal brand that stands out online and attracts more leads and bookings and is truly “unforgettable”, I would love to help you.

Check out my tailor-made brand experience. In this experience, I build a custom package for brand design and support to your budget, which means you can work with me on everything from your brand foundation to your website design to your marketing templates and brand collateral.

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