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November 7, 2022

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Jason has a super cool business and when he came to me, he wanted a super cool, custom photo booth website design to go along with it. 

They’d had a great 2 years in business but used all self-built branding and they wanted something to match their growth. 

In Jason’s words they needed something “that felt bigger, bolder, more focused, impressive, and professional than they currently were.” 

People really enjoyed their experience in person and always made comments like

“Wow, what a cool concept!” and he wanted them to get that same thing from their website and materials.

A former DJ, he created The Fotably Photo Booth to elevate weddings and branded events, but it’s not the average photobooth! His company provides these fun, quirky, and really incredible vintage photobooths equipped with all the latest technology. 

He also offers an ‘ audio guestbook,’ that looks like a vintage phone where guests can record personal messages to the bride and groom.

With such a cool business offering, you can see why I was so excited to get him a website that matched!

The custom photo booth website design package that I put together for Jason included:

  1. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design
  2. Brand Stationery
  3. Banner Pop-Up
  4. Pricing Guide
  5. Custom ShowIt Website with Professional Copywriting

Step 01. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design

When I read through Jason’s brand foundation questionnaire, a few things stood out. 

He wanted to create a brand that more closely connects clients to the unique, vintage-inspired, high-quality service he provides.

He wanted to encompass that vintage feeling and vibe. And he wanted to set his company apart from every other photo booth and event company

This inspired everything we did with his branding. 

For the brand colors we chose: Teal, Cognac, Sable, Vinyl, Dust, and White.

We also used unique geometric patterns and wood accents to add life to the brand and maintain the vintage aesthetic.

Step 02. Marketing Materials and Brand Collateral

With the brand foundation in place, business cards were a breeze! We carried the brand through to the business cards, printed them with our high-quality print partner, and had them shipped to the door.

We also designed brand stationery, a pricing guide, and a banner pop-up for trade shows. By carrying the new branding through Fotably’s marketing materials, we created a cohesive look that is easily recognizable and much more elevated.

Step 03. Custom ShowIt Website

Next up was designing Fotably’s website. It gives me all the vintage vibes, and I want to plan an event just so I can book one of his packages. 

That’s how a client is supposed to feel when they land on a website. 

Every product image showcases Fotably’s offerings in the best possible light and allows the potential client to experience what they’re getting.

Each page is laid out strategically, enticing customers to continue clicking to learn more.

Now, Fotably’s website is truly the bigger, bolder, and more impressive platform and marketing tool he was looking for.

From a Commodity to a Unique Brand With Value

After working together, Jason had this to say: 

“We’ve gotten so many compliments from within our industry itself, but also from clients.  Our prices have increased, and we have seen a reduction in resistance and questioning of the value of the service. I think our customers immediately feel what we do and its significance on an emotional level. It’s helped position and transform us from just a rental commodity to a unique brand with value.

We were constantly blown away when a new draft of the branding and website came in to review!  Everything was so much better than we imagined and hit the nail on the head. Ally understood the big picture and also paid attention to the small details. I was looking for someone I could lean on in the future for design and advice, and she’s been that.

We now have real assets. As she says on her website, when you don’t have a brand you are proud of, you are hesitant to promote it.  Now that we have the pieces in place, I’m excited to invest in and increase our marketing and reach in ways I would have never felt comfortable before.”

Want to see the Custom Photo Booth Website Design for Fotably in action? 

Take a spin around it here.

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