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6 Must-Use Tools to have a More Productive Day

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October 31, 2017

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6 Must-Use Tools to Become More Productive and Get the Most Out of Your Day

Every day, I have a little one, myself, a husband, a house, and a business to lasso.. And that doesn’t even include meet-ups with friends, grocery shopping, or errand running. Whew! A lot is happening.

I’m sure most of you busy mamas can relate

To top that off, I LOVE the online space and online platforms (My business is an online biz, after all). But, if I don’t stay focused while I’m liaising and promoting my business on Facebook and Instagram, my time on there becomes a never-ending scroll fest and major time waster. SQUIRREL!!!!

I NEED tools to keep me organized, productive, and efficient, so I have more time to spend away from my business doing the things I love (like snuggling my spunky little man or catching up with my husband).

Tools and automation will help you get the most out of your day. So, what tools should you be using. I’m going to break down my 5 favorite tools – some of which may surprise you.

 1. Your Website

What? Your website is a tool? For some reason many people forget that their website is a tool that can be used to help automate their business and save them time. Hear me out here.

Your website should answer every question your potential clients have. They should be able to find out what they need to know about you to hire you, see glimpses of your past work, read testimonials, check out your service offerings and prices, and figure out whether you’re a good fit.

If your website has everything on it that it should have, you shouldn’t spend time going back and forth with potential clients answering questions. You’ll be able to schedule a quick call to hear about their business and more about what they need and then either sign them or wish them the best.

2. Dubsado

Dubsado is a client management system that is a LIFESAVER. Using Dubsado you can have a contact form on your website that links to the CRM system. Once the contact form is filled in, it can pop that lead into your CRM system and automatically send a welcome email with a welcome packet that details the ins-and-outs of your business and how you work.

This automation can be a small part of a workflow that you can set up to automate as many (or as little) parts of your client process as you’d like.

You can also create forms, questionnaires, canned emails, contracts, and invoices. All contracts can be signed electronically and invoices can be paid electronically.

And, one of the best parts ( which you know this designer loves!)…is that you can custom brand each document with your logo.

Dubsado for the win! Check out Dubsado here and if you are interested in signing up this is an affiliate link!

3. A Well-Designed Welcome Packet

A well-designed welcome packet goes hand-in-hand with a well-designed website.

A welcome packet that has all of the information you need and is up-to-date with your branding should answer any further questions people have about your business.

This can save you so much time being stuck behind your computer answering emails. Your welcome packet should go into detail about:

  • Your “office hours”
  • Your communication policy ( should they email? Are they allowed to FB message? How soon do you respond? That sort of thing)
  • Payment and cancellation information
  • Processes and timelines
  • Your contact information
  • Your services and client experience

Some things may be a duplication of what’s on your website, but again – you want to put all of the information into their hands.

I personally have one general welcome packet for inquiries and specialized welcome packets for each of my services that gives everyone my clients the specific information they need depending on what they book.

Branded Client Experience Checklist - What do you need for your brand?!

4. Facebook Eradicator or Go F*cking Work

These babies are must-have extensions for Google Chrome. When you enable them, they block out social media sites and allow you to stay focused during the work hours you enter.

It’s so easy to get lost down the social media rabbit hole and I can do it easily without these little guys holding me accountable.

Another tip is to leave your phone in another room or in a place that you can’t reach, so that you don’t cheat LOL (It may or may not have happened to me a time or two).

5. A Timer

Using a timer to work can improve your productivity and focus so much. I like to set a digital timer (or one on my phone if I am really disciplined not to use it for anything else) when I work on a project.

I work on one specific project for the amount of time I set the timer for and am able to stay driven. It also helps me stay on my game, because I know I have another project coming up to work on and I’ll fall behind schedule if I don’t stay on track.

6. Trello or Asana

I love using Trello and Asana for my projects! They are great project management tools that you can set up for individual projects or collaboration. You can create “boards” for each project that help you stay organized.

For example, for my business I have one whole board dedicated to my blog. It’s a project on its own lol.

You can create lists that represent the stage your project. You can also create cards with color-coded labels. You can do so many fun things.

I have 3 lists: To do, doing, and done. Every time my to-do list is empty, I convert my ideas into tasks on my to-do list in Trello. With Trello, you don’t have to keep any the details in your brain, so you can focus on processing the task at hand.

There we have it. Those are a few amazing tools that will help you stay in control of your day-to-day.

If you’re not sure whether your website or welcome packet creates the full experience your clients need, so you’re not stuck behind your desk answering emails or going through question after question, check out my FREE checklist: “The Branded Client Experience.”

I cover the important elements your website might be missing and you can easily use that plus the tips in this blog post to help you with your welcome packet, too.

Grab your FREE copy of The Branded Client Experience Checklist here.

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