How to Charge More For Your Photography Sessions and Work Less

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February 13, 2019

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Are you slammed right now and just trying to stay sane?

Do you sometimes wish that the only “job” on your plate was to step outside of your door with your camera in hand?

Ahhh, I bet you imagine the bliss of traveling to a beautiful location, sipping your coffee while you drive, stepping out of your car to shoot an amazing client, and then *poof* delivering artistically creative shots that get all of your client’s friends and family members flocking to you in droves.

But in reality (whomp! whomp!)—there’s the editing, the scheduling, the location planning, the marketing, the delivering, the upselling…argh, you’re tied to your computer and email ALL THE TIME and you miss everything this lifestyle business promised you in the beginning.

The truth is, if you had a better a more strategic brand experience in place, you would save a significant amount of time, work less, and actually get to do the things you love to do, including spending time with those you love.

When you have this strategic experience laid out, so much of what you’re trying to do to wow your clients would take care of itself without you having to do it.

I know, I know—the promise of “set it and forget about it” seems elusive, but it’s not. Hear me out…

When you have a strategic brand that connects and the properly branded materials to send out with FAQS, style guides, what comes next procedures, and what hours you work, you won’t spend hours replying to clients over and over again.

It’s NOT just about:

  • Copying some other photographer’s workflow and hoping it works for you.
  • OR designing a “pretty” brand that makes you swoon when you look at it. (although – you should be swooning of course!)


It’s about elevating your client experience so your peeps feel taken care of by a legitimate brand and creative artist who has her ish together AND it’s about putting your lifestyle business within reach again, so you have peace of mind and the time to do what you want when you want to.

So, how do you REALLY transform from the overwhelmed and out of time business owner you see in the mirror every day to the sophisticated and at ease woman who has her life, business, family, and home in check?

Well, I’m not Mary Poppins, BUT…..I am a brand designer who can help you whip your client experience into shape (and thus SOOO many other aspects of your life) with any of my brand experience collections!

Are you ready to truly deliver on your client experience and meet all of your deliverables on time (including those extra smooches to your fam)?

In my brand experience collections we will:

  • Create and design a brand that shows your true personality so that you instantly connect with ideal clients as the photog that will show up for their session. (not some fluffy online version that isn’t really you!)
  • Create your client experience timeline so there is a clear strategy and actionable steps behind how you’re going to serve every client for greater brand awareness and loyalty
  • Identify key touchpoints within your client experience and design elevated brand collateral and personalize your experience and make it have that WOW factor.
  • Design a strategic website that will lead prospective clients all the way through your site providing them the right information they need to book you – no questions asked! 
  • Copywriting included! No more staring at the blinking cursor of death wondering if you are using the right words. Words are so important in your branding process and I want to take this headache off your plate! You will work with my personal copywriter for the content of your website so you can get back to doing what is most important – either working on your business OR having a fun day date!

If you’ve been looking for personalized, 1:1 feedback or a brainstorming session on how to elevate and brand your client experience, you’ve got it!

If you’ve gone the template route and are ready for a one of a kind experience that will set you apart from your competition – get ready! 

This IS your ticket to building a smarter, more profitable photography business while living a happier, more fulfilled life.

If you’re ready to have the kind of client experience that allows you to charge more and run a more streamlined and efficient business…

If you’re ready to finally feel like you’re being a good business owner, mom, and wife all at the same time…

If you’re ready to stop just getting by and feel like you’re finally on top of things, so you can:

  • Take a spontaneous afternoon off to treat your kiddos to ice cream and the park
  • Grab a Starbucks coffee and head to the spa rather than back to the grind
  • Go to bed at a normal time, get out of fight or flight mode and improve your health, and just be more present in your day….

If you’re ready to be original and truly create a personal brand that stands out online and attracts more leads and bookings and is truly “unforgettable”, I would love to help you.

Check out my tailor-made brand experience. In this experience, I build a custom package for brand design and support to your budget, which means you can work with me on everything from your brand foundation to your website design to your marketing templates and brand collateral.

Hearts and Hoorays friends!

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