How to make your website profitable, not just pretty!

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October 2, 2020

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How to make a profitable website, not just a pretty one!

Everyday, I stumble upon more and more beautiful websites and pretty instagram feeds that inspire me.

But, that’s often where it stops.

These pretty websites and pretty feeds delight my senses for a moment. Some spark ideas. But sometimes I don’t even know who they belong to and I don’t end up purchasing from the person or hiring them.

Sometimes, I visit the same Instagram feed or blog over and over again yet I don’t buy anything from them.

I’m sure you do it too! You might have your go-to blogs that you read or your go-to feeds that you get inspiration from and you might not have bought a single thing from them, hired them, or even subscribed to their newsletter even though you’re a regular visitor to their online space.

Why is that?

There are usually two major reasons that your website (or online space) is pretty but not profitable.

Reason #1:
You are not showing who you authentically are. Showcasing your personality is so important.

Many photographers, coaches, wedding planners, and entrepreneurs, in general, will pick a pretty template, add it to their website, and think they’re branding is all set.

When doing a DIY website (which is not a bad thing) many people approach it with a fill-in-the-blank mentality. They add their name, their brand, and their colors, but people buy from brands they can get to know, like, and trust. Themes are wonderful, but if you don’t infuse who you are into them, it makes it difficult for people to connect with you and want to contact you.

I offer template customizations, BUT I always customize them and maximize them. I make sure they’re infused with the heart and visual identity of the business I’m designing for to ensure that any website I design isn’t just another pretty website that’s had the images and colors swapped out.

Reason #2:
You aren’t asking for the sale! You can’t make money if you are trying to sell.

You have to ask for the sale or ask the visitor to take some sort of action on every single page of your site. You need to create the flow of the journey that leads to your contact form (or shopping cart).

Ask for a sale as softly or loudly as you’d like, depending on who you are and what you feel comfortable with.

Most photographers ask for the sale by leading with their talents and skills. They focus on the fact that most of their clients become friends and they ask visitors to click from page to page to page to get to know them until they ask them to click over to their contact page and reach out.

A pretty website definitely gets attention, but it doesn’t always translate to sales and bookings.

We all want to run a business we love and in order to do that, we need our businesses to turn a profit.

If you want to learn more about how to take your website from just pretty to pretty AND profitable and have me as your guide, check out my “tailor-made” brand experience service. This is where I take you on an exciting brand adventure starting with your brand foundation. Then we add as much or as little as you’re looking for and what your business needs. This could include brand collateral like welcome packets or stationery, and a website with messaging that attracts your very own dream clients. It is genuinely tailored to your budget and your needs.

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