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August 14, 2023

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When Andrea reached out to me for a custom brand and Showit Website Design, she was in a really solid place in her business. She’s been in business for almost 20 years and has several high-end clients, repeat clients, and referrals. 

Her business was already very professional and her distinction is as a photographer top-tier in Denver, CO. Yet, this was her very first time hiring a professional for her website, as she’d always done it herself. 

Before she hired us, Andrea shared that she was overwhelmed by the idea of creating her brand, finding the right way to showcase her work, and making it look professional and up to par with her business.

“It’s time for my website and brand to look as professional as my business is.” – Andrea Flanagan

That was all she needed to say and we were ready to go! We were super excited to design a website and brand that matched her success and positioned her for more growth.

Because she has such a happy-go-lucky personality, Andrea is so much fun to work. We understand why her clients love her. 

Take a look at the design package we put together for her.

The custom brand and Showit website design package that we put together for Andrea included:

  1. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design
  2. Brand Stationery
  3. Social Media Templates
  4. ShowIt Website Design

Step 01. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design

Andrea’s brand needed to do a couple of things really well. 

It needed to demonstrate:

  1. The quality of her work and the value of her expertise, talent, vision, and attention to detail to her high-end clientele
  2. Highlight her fun, cheerful, people-loving nature and ability to create stress-free sessions.

We had to strike the balance between sophistication and playfulness, and we did it in a way that Andrea loved!

Her keywords were: high-end, energetic, confident, and comfortable.

For her color palette, we used rust, peachy, blush, dust, hunter, leaf, and black. 

For her visual branding patterns, we used chic leaf detailing and a soft blush botanical print.

Andrea Flanagan smiling with a sony camera to her eye posed to take take a photo. Over her image is text that reads "Andrea Flanagan Photography". Across the bottom of the image is text that reads "".
A collection of images put together for a brand kit. The top image is of a woman wearing glasses writing on a pen and paper in front of her computer. The second image is a color palette which includes 6 different colors (green, light green, yellow, tan, brown, off white). The final image is a post card with a photo of a smiling family laid beneath a pair of classes. On the image of the family is text that reads Andrea Flanagan photography.
A collection of images show casing Andrea Flanagan photography branding. The images include the AF Est. 2003 logo and the following text descriptions: high end energetic, confidence, and comfortable.

Step 02. Marketing Materials and Brand Collateral

During the next phase of Andrea’s project, we designed her brand stationery and brand collateral. 

Using her new brand identity, we created social media templates to keep her brand cohesive across platforms. 

We also added brand stationery to create client touchpoints that wow and carry her brand into all spheres of her business.

Andrea was ready for a major upgrade to items that reflected her brand, vibe, and expertise, and she got exactly that.

A collage of three different smart phones with different images. The first phone contains an image of a woman in a burgundy  jacket sitting on a set of stairs under the word "testimonial". beneath her is a 5-star rating and review for Andrea Flanagan photography. The second smartphone contains an image of a woman behind a sony camera. There is text above the photo that reads "Meet Andrea" and includes a short description of Andrea Flanagan. The third phone contains an image of a woman drinking a yellow beverage and eating a blackberry with text to the right that reads "on the blog". and text in the center of the image that reads "Branding session with sadie johnson from

there is a second image that contains photos of Andrea Flanagans business cards and packing tape with her custom branding printed on it.

Step 03. ShowIt Website Design for Photography Professionals

Next, we took Andrea’s new brand and designed a website that aligned with her goals and positioned her to reach a new level of success in her business. 

We helped her better connect with her ideal client and lead them through the website by providing the right amount of information in the most marketable and authentic way.

The layouts and designs have both Andrea’s personality and her target market in mind, designed to demonstrate who she is and appeal to what they need to experience in order to hire her.

Following her rebrand and the launch of her new website, here’s what Andrea had to say: 

“I have received a ton of positive feedback! “I love your new site” is all I hear. I also keep hearing things like “Your site is so good” and “Your work is stunning”  because it’s showcased on my new amazing site! I do believe I am booking more work because of it!

screen grabs from Andrea Flanagan photography website hosted on and built by Ally of
screen grabs from Andrea Flanagan photography website hosted on and built by Ally of
screen grabs from Andrea Flanagan photography website hosted on and built by Ally of
screen grabs from Andrea Flanagan photography website hosted on and built by Ally of

Could you be next?

Andrea hired us for both a rebrand and a new website, allowing her to transform everything at once.

A beautiful website can help you resonate with the right market, but to achieve greater growth and the next evolution of your business it needs to be strategic, too.

If you’re ready for a more sophisticated website that helps you grow and scale, book a call . 

We help you achieve greater growth from your website either by starting with a Tonic Template and modifying it, utilizing my signature Ally B template, or creating a custom website from scratch.

On the call, we’ll discuss your goals and the right path for you. If you have any questions you want to ask before we hop on a call, fill out my contact form and I’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.

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