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March 6, 2024

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I loved working with Stacey Lucas, owner of Lexus Gold Photography, on her elevated website design. The Philadelphia-based photographer and police officer already had a website with gorgeous photos but knew it could be better. She contacted me to create an authentic website design for wedding photographers like her. 

Stacey’s wedding photography business is her baby. That’s because it’s named after her late pitbull, Lexi Marie Gold, so I knew her whole heart and soul was in this business.

Stacey wanted to be known for her ability to embrace every client without judgment and allow for complete freedom of expression. She lives two lives and yet combines both so well. While working with Stacey, I was most impressed by her devotion to boldness and comfort with her brand, which I knew I couldn’t leave behind.

I think Stacey put it best when it comes to what she wanted out of her custom web redesign:  

“I live everyone’s worst days in one career, and I live some of people’s best days in another career. My life is complicated; I don’t want my brand to be.”

The website design package I put together for Stacey with Lexus Gold Photography had all the stops:

  1. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design
  2. Brand Stationery
  3. Custom ShowIt Website

Step 01. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design

Reading through the brand foundation questionnaire Stacey shared with me, I recognized a need for something nearly all my clients want: a step up in their web design to match their amazing skills. She felt she could look more “put together” in her design. 

Stacey prides herself in letting her clients be their true selves and getting to know who they really are. She loves earthy, raw designs with a touch of modern flair (her favorite color has always been green, so we included a forest green in her primary branding). Her clients tend to be laid-back couples who appreciate Stacey’s ability to listen to their needs. She also handwrites in all caps, so we kept that in part of the font design. 

Through the rebrand, Stacey hoped to get even more clients that match her demographic to book with her. So together, we designed a brand that tells clients to come as they are, to dress in their comfy (yet bold and eclectic) clothes, and invite their dogs to sleep next to them in bed. 

Lexus Gold Photography’s branding visually represents what Stacey and her clients are all about—living a natural, comfortable, and candid life.

Step 02. Marketing Materials and Brand Collateral

In the second phase of Stacey’s design package, we moved on to creating materials and brand collateral that would bring her web design to the top. 

Stacey wanted her clients to feel like themselves throughout the entire experience and to see her brand as something they cherish for years (and decades), just as many clients have in the past. She also wanted more booking inquiries from unconventional, fun clients with higher price points. 

Step 03. Custom ShowIt Website

Stacey’s custom ShowIt website presents the welcoming, come-as-you-are aesthetic she sought. 

The Lexus Gold Photography website now has a clear value proposition, an earthy tone, and a clear path to booking Stacey for a comfortable wedding experience. Prospective clients now see a portfolio of highlights from her past decade of work. 

The website also has a story, with an invitation to learn more about Stacey and how Lexus Gold Photography makes clients feel truly valued as friends and not just another client.  

I loved hearing Stacey’s story and creating a web design package to fit her wedding photography business for years! 


Strategic website design for wedding photographers can be a powerful tool that can work wonders in the long run. If you’re a wedding professional who’s looking to grow and transform your brand, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be your guide on this exciting journey as you find ways to revamp your website and elevate your brand identity.

No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you come up with a plan that works for you and your business. Whether you’re looking for a website redesign or new brand stationery and marketing materials, we can work together to help your vision come to life.

If you’re ready to begin your transformation, book a call with me. We’ll go through different ideas and come up with a customized plan that works for your business. If you have any questions or concerns before we schedule a call, reach out to me using my contact form. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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