A Boudoir Photography Website Client Launch for B.O.B Boudoir

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August 2, 2022

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Designing a boudoir photography website was an opportunity I jumped at! Jillian with B.O.B Boudoir is the absolute coolest person in the world! Bold statement right?! But it’s the truth! Jillian had me hooked on our very first call and I couldn’t wait to get started on her photography website. Jillian is the kickass photographer behind B.O.B Weddings (Bombs Over Betty) where she has established herself as one of the most sought-after wedding photographers. She decided to take her talent and expand her services and offer more boudoir photography. Jillian’s secret weapon as a photographer is she is the BEST hype girl for her clients. Every client feels and looks their best on their big day brimming with confidence. Now she has set out to transition talent from wedding days to the women she works with at her boudoir studio. 

Jillian LOVES making people feel amazing and she is damn good at it. Too many women don’t feel great about themselves and Jillian has set out to change that.

Being the designer to bring this brand to life has been such an honor! Without further ado let me present the B.O.B Boudoir brand and website I designed for Jillian.

The custom boudoir photography website package that I put together for Jillian included:

  1. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design
  2. Brand Stationery
  3. Custom ShowIt Website
  4. Professional Copywriting
  5. Hidden Pricing Page on her Website

Step 01. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design

Reading through the brand foundation questionnaire from Jillian stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t believe how much passion she had for female empowerment and making women feel confident in their bodies. She recognizes how boudoir photography can sometimes be super cheesy and she wanted to break the glass ceiling and offer the same level of service and personal connection she shares with her wedding clients.

Jillian wanted to have the brand tied to her already established wedding business and create a luxury boudoir experience for her clients. Jillian has a natural way of making people feel comfortable right off the bat like they have been long-lost friends. She wanted to make sure any visitors felt the same way when coming in contact with her boudoir brand.

The goal of the B.O.B Boudoir brand is to feel loud, silly, empowering, and as if they don’t care what anyone thinks – yet luxurious! 

The B.O.B Boudoir studio is an open space with rose gold walls and hints of navy. The brand is just as inviting making potential clients feel sexy when they “walk in the door”. 

Step 02. Marketing Materials and Brand Collateral

To round out the brand foundation design I created a notecard and a business card to elevate Jillian’s brand. This carries the design through her client experience. These notecards can be used as a personal thank you after their session. The business cards can be given out by clients who loved their experience with Jillian and want to refer their friends.  

Step 03. Custom ShowIt Photography Website

Designing a luxury boudoir photography website was a task that I couldn’t wait to jump into. The deep navy and richness of the brand, the dramatic and breathtaking photography, and the most fun and personality-driven website copy were a combination that knocked this custom website design out of the park. 

I said it before but Jillian is seriously such a cool person. I was absolutely up for the challenge of bringing her in-life personality to the pages of her website. 

We worked with my team’s copywriter to bring the words to the page that truly explained this badass, yet luxurious, experience to life. 

The design needed to replicate the high-end experience they would have while working with Jillian. Feeling like they were sitting right there in the studio with her as they explored her services online. 

Each page of the website showcases Jillian’s talent and strategically leads the visitor through all of the information they might need to reach out and book their own session. We even created a hidden pricing page for Jillian to send potential clients more information after they have reached out and started the conversation.

I couldn’t be more proud of how this shoot turned out. I hope you fall in love with it too!

You can view the live site and the brand in action here!


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