Why You Have to Have a Brand and Not a Business

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July 31, 2018

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Why You Have to Have a Brand and Not a Business When You Offer Different Service Types In Order to Clearly Convert Clients

When you think of a brand and a business, you might think they’re one in the same. But, they aren’t.

Your business is essentially the piece that markets and produces your products or services.

Your BRAND is the personality, character, or image you APPLY to your products, services, and messaging.

Obviously, these two things intermingle and overlap, but you have to think about them separately in order to clearly communicate to potential clients and convert them into lifelong loyal supporters who continue to hire you and refer you regardless of what you offer.

This is even more critical when you offer many services such as photography, educational workshops, speaking, etc. Every single service needs to fit like a puzzle piece into your overall brand so you communicate a very clear message.

In order to seamlessly and organically run a multi-faceted business that doesn’t confuse leads, you have to tell a story that demonstrates WHY all facets work with your brand.

If you’re adding additional services, education, or speaking that is from your heart, then the story should be easy to tell. When you’re sincere and not just adding on “all the things” to make more money, it’ll be evident to everyone who comes across you as to why you are the ONE to choose no matter what service you’re selling.

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So why is intentionally hashing out your brand story so important?

  1. Brands Can More Easily Pivot and Adjust
  2. Brands Inspire Loyal Followers and Buyers
  3. Brands Make Bigger Impacts

When you intentionally build a clear brand, you can easily pivot directions or add on new services because your people—your audience—cares about you not just what they’re selling. Which leads to the next point…a brand inspires loyal followers and buyers who stick with you no matter what you do. They’ll buy many different products from you or hire you for many different services because they connect with you. And it’s this connection that allows you to make a bigger impact

When people see the heart, personality, and passion behind your products and services it’s easy to align that with causes or companies that match it. And because your followers connect with you, they’ll likely connect with the same causes or outreach opportunities that you do, which means you can have a greater impact.

So how do you tell an overall brand story that you can apply to every service, message, and social media post you put out so you truly create an impact brand that connects and converts?

  1. Show people you’re invested in their success
  2. Tell them why you are adding this new part to your brand or why you have it
  3. Show them the REAL you to create a connection

Your brand story and genuine persona has to be super clear on your website and in your emails, ads, social media posts, graphics, marketing handouts, and every piece of communication. It CANNOT be confusing or potential clients will not book. Remember, a confused buyer (or client) is no buyer at all.

If you have a personal brand and share the story, it’ll pull every one of your services or offerings together even if they’re different types. If it’s a jumbled up muss, every potential client who lands in “your space” will be confused.

If you read this and wondered:

  • “Well, what specifically do I need to do to create that clear and cohesive brand across all my services?”
  • “What’s the first thing I should focus on or fix?”


  • “I currently offer services and education on my website, but I’m not sure if I’m creating a clear impression and connection..”


….I can easily help you fix that with my FREE mini brand audit where I will personally respond with your top 3 action steps to take to create a brand that connects to all of your audiences and converts in to more sales and bookings.

Go here to take advantage of this offer and get an action plan of the top 3 things you need to do…Hearts and Hoorays Friends!
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