Why You and Your Brand Aren’t Making a Great First Impression

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August 14, 2018

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Why You and Your Brand Aren’t Making a Great First Impression that Immediately Leads to a Client Inquiry

When clients and colleagues begin to see you as the expert in your field and you know you’ve really mastered your craft, the natural next step is to add additional services—such as education, speaking, or workshops—to your offerings.

This is wonderful, but when you hastily tack them on to your existing brand, it looks like just that…a random add-on.

When you click through your website, it looks messy, current paying clients get confused because they’re not sure you even do the same services, and your prospective clients have NO IDEA what exactly they’re looking for and how to get it.

The biggest problem I see with multi-passionate, multi-service photographers is that they’ve created additional services without a plan.

You have to have a plan when adding a new facet to your business so you are adding income NOT taking away from your already successful business.

So exactly what did you do wrong?

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Here’s why you and your brand aren’t making a great first impression that leads to inquiries and bookings:

  1. You’re confusing—You have to make it as easy as pie for the type of clients you know you want to work with to understand what you have for them. Don’t confuse them by talking to your “other” audience. Your brand and website should be cohesive and understood as one entity – the YOU in your brand – so clients understand why it all works together and they have no doubt their getting excellent service from you no matter what they hire you for.
  2. You’re not telling your story—WHO ARE YOU? Why should you be the one a potential client invests in. You have to tell the story of your brand and why each service and facet works with who you are! If you’re adding something just because it is the “thing to do” people will see that your heart isn’t in it and that you are only trying to make a quick buck. If you show your heart and are clear, it’ll organically reveal how everything works together, so there is no doubt you’re “IT” for a potential client. Show your servant’s heart and let leads and clients know you are invested in their success.
  3. You are a HOT MESS—Your messaging, graphics, and website are confusing and not consistent with your brand foundation. They do not create a clear and concise brand to encompass all that you do. You tossed up a new service without a clear plan, didn’t stay consistent with your branding, and didn’t think it through to connect directly with who that audience is without confusing the current audience for a different service. When your services have competing graphics or messages, it can be totally overwhelming. When this happens, people jump ship and hire who they understand and “get.” Make your messaging and story work for each service so people understand and naturally want to book you.
  4. You are not being YOU—People can read right through it when we are pretending to be something we are not. When we add new services or facets to our business, we have to align it with who we are. It is the connection to us that clients love and understand. We can convert sales way easier when people know they can trust us. Also, when we’re copying someone else’s success, it’s only that—a copy, a “B” version of someone else’s work. Stay true to who you are and what you are great at and maximize that. Don’t do the “it thing” because that is what you think will make you more money. Do what aligns with your heart and where you want your brand and business to be in the future (you know, back to having that plan).
  5. Your message is muddled—You haven’t properly introduced the new areas of your business and made your current clients aware of the changes you’ve made. You also need to make sure your new potential clients understand where it all began. You know how important your client experience is and all of the pieces that make your clients feel special. BUT that has to start with your messaging. You have to share the story so everyone knows what to expect and doesn’t end up thinking that you just don’t “do that anymore.”
  6. You are not leading your clients through the journey—You have nailed your client experience and know it’s important, but you are not implementing this on your website. When you’re a multi-faceted brand, you have to make your website a “choose your own adventure” style, so it’s obvious where the client – whoever it is – should go next. Make the path the potential client needs to take on your site very clear so he or she follows the buyer’s journey. Tell them and show them where to land—hold their hand and show them you are invested in them.

If you read this and think, “Gosh, this is totally me! My brand is a confused, hot mess right now,” then I want you to know that I can easily help you fix that with my FREE mini brand and website audit.

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Hearts and Hoorays!
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