What is a “Branded Client Experience”?

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August 8, 2017

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What is a branded client experience? And why do you need one for your business?

It has been pounded in your head that you need to have a cohesive brand, be authentic, a message that resonates with your followers, etc. BUT have you thought about how your potential clients experience your brand? Have you intentionally went through your own client process to make sure that you are taking each and every moment that you can potentially connect with your dream clients and making sure it is branded and forming the bond you are looking for with your dream clients? 

Did you know that the customer experience has “touch points”?

Or that many touch points are left untouched ( LOL), leaving clients feeling underserved, disconnected with your brand, and like something is missing?

Touch points are every point that the customer and your business interact or exchange information on his or her journey to hiring you.

You know that feeling a client has when they rave about the work you’ve done? You can create that feeling for them before they even work with you! When clients rave about their experience with your brand it means a lot of things. One of them being more money (which keeps you serving and keeps your family happy).

Having clarity about who you are and what is driving you in your business allows you to create a compelling client experience based on the characteristics, strengths, gifts, and talents you already possess.

Creating a memorable, custom, and highly impactful customer experience from the start replaces the need to convince people to hire you.

From your welcome email to your logo and from your price sheet to your website, you constantly create moments where you can connect and begin your professional relationship. Your clients will rave about their experience with your brand and you know what that means – more money!

I know how much you pour your heart and soul into your business, so nothing is more frustrating than the thought of not attracting your ideal clients or attracting them and not giving them the experience you so want to give them.

Your client experience is what people talk about when you’re not in the room, but the truth ismost customers aren’t aware of all of the places you aren’t connecting well with them. They just know that their experience was great, good, or poor.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to think about these places for your client and make each and everyone feel special. You have to identify every moment you can make a connection and create a complete experience for them.

To truly turn customers into raving fans that spread your name faster than a glitter spill spreads sparkles EVERYWHERE, you need to brand their entire experience.

When you have a completely branded client experience, you:

  • Create connections before potential customers even “know” you
  • Get clients who rave about your experience and how easy your process is
  • Operate a small business that is professional at every turn and looks and feels like a massive, multi-million dollar brand
  • Gain recognition and solidify your brand in the minds of your customers

Make a list of all of the places you touch base with your customers and every point potential customers have an interaction with you. Is that point branded and packed with your authenticity and heart? To make sure you haven’t forgotten any touch points, grab my FREE Branded Client Experience Checklist that covers all of the pieces you might need to get you started.

Grab your checklist by clicking here: Branded Client Experience Checklist

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