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Custom Website Design For Your Photography Business Showcasing Your Talent and Evolved Style

If you’ve gone the template route and you’re coming up with a list of limitations and wishes for your nuanced business needs, this service is for you.

it's time for a custom design!

Get full control over the look, feel, and features of your website.

We don’t have to hammer on about the importance of your website design for attracting the right audience. We’re certain that you know that. 

We’re also certain that you understand the importance of having the right strategy and layout in order to convert website visitors into clients. 

You’ve likely worked with website templates in the past or another designer and your current website has gotten you to this level of success. 

But, now it’s time for something different.

When you have evolved as a photographer and have a specific  for the next phase of your business, a completely custom website design is where it’s at. You get full control over the design and an opportunity to create a truly unique identity for your business.

interesting fact

“75% of website credibility comes from design.”

You want your prospective photography clients to immediately understand that you are the real deal. With so many people starting photography or wedding businesses starting businesses, browsing clients need to be WOWed from the beginning and you need to present yourself in the very best way to prove that you’re not only credible, but totally brilliant and worthy of the investment because this investment, when done right, will support your business growth for years to come.

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Here’s the deal:

You know exactly what you want, but can’t quite figure out how to achieve it 
You know you’re great at what you do, but want to know how to attract a better quality of client 
You know what good design looks like, but know that there’s more to great branding than simply looking good 
You know great quality branding when you see it and
you only keep the highest standards for yourself and your photography business.
You’d like your branding to have a sense of fun to it, as well as an overarching theme of professionalism and expertise
You like the look of my portfolio

Not all website designers are right for your business. But there’s someone for everyone, so let’s dig deep and see if I’m the right designer for your business needs. 

You and I can definitely make magic together if…


The Custom Website
Design Experience

Our most significant investment in time, energy, and money, the custom build is for the business owner who wants complete control over the function, features, flexibility, and “face” of their website. Because we take a brand-first design approach, your custom website design project comes with a complete revamp of your branding, too. When you go custom, we go back to the foundations to ensure everything aligns with where you’re at now and grows with your performance goals.

Yes, please

for photographers

Brand Design

Check out the makings of a comprehensive brand

This is where the magic happens. Starting with a brand questionnaire, you’ll fine-tune your style and dig deep into your brand goals and values so we know exactly how to represent your business. I also ask you to pull together a Pinterest board with a few images of sites and brands that you like. Using color psychology, competitive brand research, and expert font selection, I design a comprehensive brand package with a style that’s unique to you. 

As a bonus, you also receive a brand style guide to use as your toolkit going forward (see, I don’t just leave you hanging when I’m done). This tells you how to keep your brand cohesive and shows you exactly how to use it across platforms and marketing materials going forward.

  • Brand Consultation
  • Brand Questionnaires
  • Research and Strategy
  • Style Tile and Mood Board
  • Logo Design
  • Alternate Logo
  • Signature Design
  • Badge / Icon
  • Color Palette - Primary + Secondary
  • Typeface Recommendations
  • Pattern Design
  • The Brand Style Guide

Custom Website Design

Your website dreams is brought to life online 

Built to last and satisfy your website fantasies, this is where we have lots of fun! We hop on a live video call to talk about your website framework based on your business needs and big vision. After we’ve created the flow of your site my copywriter will write and create all the words for your site. You will receive a photo checklist so you can make sure you can curate your website imagery. Then we’ll design your custom website with your new branding and launch your new website into the world!

  • Everything in the Brand Design
  • Custom ShowIt Website Design
  • Mobile Design Optimization
  • Full Site Copywriting
  • Customization of up to 7 pages
  • 404 Error Page
  • Blog Set-Up
  • Domain Connection & DNS Settings
  • Google Analytics Connection
  • Foundational SEO
  • Video Training Library

This phase of the project includes:

additional service options:

  • Additional Pages as Needed
  • Advanced SEO Services
  • E-Commerce Site Design
  • Course Integration
  • Podcast Integration
  • Opt-In Page & Thank You Page 
  • Sales Page and Funnel Design

the investment

Obviously, you don’t have to hire someone like me to do all of this for you. However, when you hire a bunch of different creatives for your brand and website design, it often results in a patched-together online presence. And when you have people working in different time zones, you’ll often experience project delays and a fragmented website launch.

My custom website design clients spend on average $6,000+ and are always thrilled with the ease of the process and the end result.

With over two decades of design work under my belt, I know how to work with photographers and design for your unique needs to ensure the project stays on track and aligned with your aspirations. With our signature design process, all of the hard work is done for you. 

yes, I'm ready!

Plus, Access to VIP Design Intensives

What happens once your website is launched?

Worried about going at it alone after you’ve shared your new brand and website with the world? Consider me your new lifelong business BFF. My brand and website design clients get exclusive access to VIP Design Intensives where you can book me to design everything from welcome packets, style guides, social media graphics, podcast branding, email signatures, business cards, and more to complete their branded client experience. 

3 hour and 6 hour intensive options are available.
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If you’ve outgrown your current photography website and it’s time for more features, flexibility, and control…

Let’s work together!

It’s time to leave a lasting mark. To ensure that your custom website design is next on our list so you can achieve greater growth, hit the button below to book a call.

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Kind Words

Ally is seriously the best! So organized, thoughtful, responsive and so creative.


She is such a kind person and has the patience of a saint! I ran into so many issues when I was trying to finish a few things on my website and she was able to handle it with such grace. She went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. My new branding is so on point with what I saw for myself. I highly recommend her services and I can’t wait to work with her again!

Ally made everything so easy and organized and she really felt like a friend. 


I had no idea what I was doing or looking for and she really helped me nail down my ideas and what I wanted my brand presence to look like. She was very responsive to my questions and I am obsessed with my finished products. I could not recommend her more and am looking forward to having her as a part of my business girl gang!

What Ally created for my brand was way better than what I had in my mind.


Ally offered just what I was looking for as far as website and design. I loved that her examples of past websites weren’t cookie cutter. They are different, beautiful and professional.  I’m looking forward to continuing to share my website with my audience and letting it represent me online. 

Perhaps you’re thinking…

“But what if I’m making a huge mistake?” 

When you know it’s time for high-end custom website design, but you don’t know how to get there, you need a designer who has the experience to pull your ideas and inner objectives out of you and translate them into a great website that’s totally unique to your business.

To ensure this project doesn’t overwhelm you with one more to-do, I work in manageable phases so that each section wins your approval before we move on to the next. To ensure you love everything we design, our clients get two rounds of edits for each phase, which is usually plenty to get your brand and website to a place where you’re delighted with it. The most reassuring of all, because I’ve been doing this a long time, I know which questions to ask and when in order to give the project clarity.

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“Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.”

let's work together

 - Brian Reed

It’s always a good idea to make sure your branding expert is the right kind of expert for you. Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Are we a good match?

+  You’re done messing around and know what you want out of your photography website and design

+  You’re ready for custom, tailor-made, bespoke and all the things that fit you like a glove because they were made for you

+  You’ve smashed through your beginning business goals and you’re expanding your audience, client list, and cash flow

Hi, I’m Ally

A Brand-Focused Website Designer for photographers and wedding professionals

From designing wedding stationery for meticulous brides to multi-page websites for thriving businesses, I’ve been creating custom designs for my entire career. This means that I know how to listen to my client's objectives and work with the nuanced needs of different businesses. I take a personal approach to your custom design and ensure you get the functionality and facelift you’re after.

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If you wonder whether our design approach will match your vision for your website, there’s only one way to find out: dive into our portfolio. We’ve helped hundreds of photographers create stylish and strategic websites that are both profitable + pretty, and we believe we can do the same for you. 

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It's time to stand out with your photography business with your innovating ideas!

Carry your fresh brand elements and big ideas through your website without limitations. if you’re ready to level up your website in the most creative way possible, then you know what to do. Book a call and let’s chat!

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Why should you choose to work with Ally?

Every detail of your brand and website should be rooted in your vision for your business. More importantly, this should all be designed with purpose to promote optimum growth and success. Simply put in its most basic terms, that’s exactly what I offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my design be custom?

Absolutely! Your brand focused, conversion-based design will be uniquely tailored to the preferences, vision, and goals that you share with us. Ally B Designs confidently and passionately serves small businesses of all kinds.  

What design platform do you use?

We like using ShowIt and are happy to explain why. Your ShowIt web design will be experience-driven and responsive. You'll end up with a creative, engaging web design you can confidently update yourself and your clients will love to use it. (You can view pricing options here.)

Can I hire you for future updates?

Absolutely! Although we aim to equip our clients with the skills they need to confidently and seamlessly use, update and maintain your brand and web design through provided general and personal training videos and educational resources. But if you ever need anything designed at all I offer half and full design intensives for my clients or I work on a per-project basis.

How long will the design process take?

I offer a seamless, collaborative design process. Most design projects take approximately 16 weeks for a brand and website, but really depend on your timely communication along the way. I tend not to nag you or hold you accountable to do the work, you have to be accountable for your own project and ready to do the work.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do. Payment plans can be split into 2 or 3 payments spread out over 3 months.

Do you have a certain design style?

I’m lucky that I’m a very flexible designer: I always work to your tastes, rather than my own. That’s not to say I don’t have an opinion on the look and feel of something, but I’ll always work with your needs and preferences in mind. It’s not about me, it’s about you!

Are you currently booking new clients?

Yes, we are currently booking new clients. Our process begins with the brand foundation and gathering your unique vision, preferences, and goals for your brand and web design. Contact us to chat about all of the details and to begin your project.


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