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July 28, 2020

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To hear the mission statement from a recent custom brand project defines the passion behind the brand and the business. “We help people live awake and aware of the stories that matter, so they don’t miss their life while planning ambitious goals or “what’s next,” doing the work, and navigating the noise in their mind. Through the stories they (re)connect with, they loosen their grip on status quo, reclaim who they are with confidence, and have opportunities to create a sense of belonging for the people they adore.”

This Mission Statement from Dangerously Good Stories with Marie Masse, makes me feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to be the designer that brought this custom brand project to life!

Marie, is that she is ambitious and driven. At the time she started working on Dangerously Good Stories she had thriving business Fearless and Framed, a podcast – The Intentional Documentary Podcast, and a message to share that she just couldn’t hold back anymore. She decided to leave Fearless and Framed behind and put everything into Dangerously Good Stories.

With a very specific vision in hand, she took a giant leap to make this dream and message become a reality but after a couple of failed attempts of having her brand designed Marie was feeling a bit defeated. I knew I couldn’t let her down because I could see everything in my mind just as she had described it to me. I just couldn’t shake how close she was to her branding and how she knew exactly what she wanted, she just hadn’t seen it yet. I knew there was no way I was going to let her launch her brand that she didn’t love so I told her – “NO WAY! We are going to nail this!” (no pressure right?!)

And that is where we started!

In the custom brand project I created for Marie we set out to design the following:

  1. Brand Identity and Foundation
  2. Social Media Templates
  3. An Ebook for her new Opt-In – Notice Your People
  4. Opt-In Landing Page and Thank You Page for Notice your People (because you can’t measure results if you don’t have it set up properly!)
  5. A 180 Page – Full Sized Printed Workbook – Dangerously Good Stories – The Playbook

Step 01. Brand Foundation and Brand Identities

This is where the magic happens! This is where we work through the creation of the color palette, font selection, brand identity logos, and how the styling of the brand comes together.

Custom Brand Project for Dangerously Good Stories with Marie Masse | Bold, Soulful, and Impactful describes the brand design

Here is what Marie had to say about her custom brand project:

“Many people have told me how they love my branding, but for me, it’s not the outside that matters. I feel good and confident when my brand feels like it has an identity that I’m proud of. My brand feels like an extension of ME. That is worth its weight in GOLD. Now, when I show up to fully express what’s on my heart, the energetics behind my actions are bar none. It’s like when you’ve gone 5 days in the same yoga pants, without a shower (what? just me?), and then you take that invigorating shower, get fresh, put your favorite outfit on, and walk on with an unstoppable strut. That’s how my brand feels now.” – Marie Masse Dangerously Good Stories

Step 02. The Marketing Materials

After the branding is set we jumped straight into the design of her marketing materials and website landing pages. I love how this brand is soulful, timeless, and compelling.

The photography that Marie provided tugs at my heartstrings a mama to my little boy. But it is the message that she shares with every piece she creates is what is most important.

Less Noise > More Noticing

Custom Brand Project for Dangerously Good Stories with Marie Masse | Bold, Soulful, and Impactful describes the brand design

Step 03. The Playbook

What many people don’t know about me, is my love for print design. Before opening Ally B Designs, I was the Creative Director and Designer at a local print shop for over a decade. Print design will always have my heart so I jumped at the chance to design this 180 page Playbook that is filled to the brim with stunning photos, a message that makes me want to slow down and take notice of the stories in my life, and just keep reading because if I do say so myself – It is freaking stunning!

Custom Brand Project for Dangerously Good Stories with Marie Masse | Bold, Soulful, and Impactful describes the brand design

I am so grateful to be able to work with, be inspired by, and walk alongside women like Marie throughout their branding and business journeys. I wanted to share just a bit of what Marie had to say about the process and what the future holds for her and her brand.

Marie’s favorite part of the process:

Getting all the brand element files, because then I was off to the races! The brand guideline PDF is a close second because it’s been my north star for collateral I’ve made for my brand after working with Ally.

Here’s why Marie is looking forward to the future:

Little by little, with this new branding, I’ve been creating assets for my brand that will last forever. Ally and I worked to create an aesthetic that gives everything I create longevity. As this baby brand flourishes, the assets will continue to work for me when I’m not working. I love that!

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