Client Launch: Still Happiness Photography

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July 28, 2020

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You can’t help but be excited at the chance to work with a business that has “Happiness”in its name. I was ecstatic when Laura from Still Happiness Photography reached to me in hopes of finding the right designer.

Laura is a wedding and newborn photographer based out of Louisville, Kentucky. She is known for being relaxed and calm while creating a comfortable yet super happy vibe. I couldn’t wait to hop on a strategy session to find out if we would make a good team. I mean weddings and babies – what more could you ask for?

Laura knew I was the designer for her when:

“Ally offered what I was looking for as far as website and design. I loved that her examples of past websites weren’t cookie cutter. They are different, beautiful, and professional.”

The custom package I created for Laura included the following:

  1. Brand Foundation and Identity
  2. Pricing Guide
  3. Social Media Templates
  4. ShowIt Website Design

Designing the rebrand of Still Happiness Photography was a breeze and the inspiration Laura shared with me was downright gorgeous! Here is how the process went.

Step. 01 – The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design

In the Brand Foundation, I work through the creation of the color palette, font selection, design the brand identity logos, and bring it all together by showing the client how the styling of the brand comes together.

Step 02. The Brand Collateral and Marketing Materials

The next step in the process is designing the brand collateral and the marketing materials included in my client’s package. Laura wanted to focus on elevating her client experience and ease the load of back and forth communication with her potential clients so we designed a beautiful pricing guide to carefully present her packages and layout the process of working with her. We also designed social media templates so she could easily create graphics for her feed and promote her most recent photo session and any availability she has coming up.

My booking rates have definitely increased since Ally created my welcome guide. My clients know my process from start to finish.

Laura callis – Still happiness photography

Step 03. Custom ShowIt Website

Working with clients to create a custom website is always a dream. When I get to dig into what they love on screen and how they want to guide their readers through their site to ultimately booking their services – now that is a rush that I will never get tired of.

Laura carefully crafted an inspiration board of what she was looking for in a website and I couldn’t wait to start building it out. Taking the brand and bringing it to life with such vivid and beautiful imagery made my job pretty easy. I couldn’t be happier with how the website turned out.

I am so grateful to have worked with Laura on her rebrand project and continue to support her branding needs as her business continues to grow. I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about what Laura had to say about the process.

Laura’s favorite part of the process:

Seeing my website and brand. Ally created something for me that was way better than what I had in my mind.

Here’s what Laura is looking forward to in the future:

I’m looking forward to sharing my website with my new clients and letting it represent me online. Before working with Ally, I didn’t feel like my clients could tell much about me from my DIY website.


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