FREE Brand Building Challenge: Introducing The 4-Day How To Build a Stand Out Brand Challenge

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May 22, 2018

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You don’t have to look far to see that people are tired of seeing the same stuff presented in the same way.

In fact, you might only have to look as far as this month’s revenue for your business to see that clients are just not resonating with what you’re doing online (if you’re actively doing something).

As a photographer and business owner, you no doubt want to stand out both online and offline, because your business depends on it.

If potential clients aren’t seeing your work and resonating with your brand, they’re not booking you. And, if they’re not booking you, you’re not hitting your revenue goals or growing your business the way you’d like.

I’ve heard photographers say things like:

“Competition is rampant and it’s tough to find clients. I’m losing business fast.”

“At this point, I do whatever pays.”

“I have a bit of a local following and a strong referral program that’s getting me by. Nothing spectacular though.”

“The market is flooded with amateurs and I can’t get bookings at my current prices that still feel too low.”

But, the thing is…TONS of photographers are killing it in their businesses, because they’ve built strong, stand out brands that clients and potentials clients truly resonate with.

They can charge what they want and they have the freedom to say “yes” or “no” to shoots based on when they are and who they’re for. If they want to focus on weddings, they focus on weddings.

They don’t have to take on family shoots or headshot shoots to pay the bills, if that’s truly not the niche they want to be in.

If they don’t want to shoot during the summer months, they don’t shoot during the summer months. Period.

If you know your brand isn’t leaving its mark and resonating with potential clients like it should, because you’re just not getting the number of inquiries you want or charging the prices you desire, then I’m inviting you to sign up for my FREE Stand Out Brand Challenge.


  • Identify your brand’s authentic voice, so you can communicate to your ideal clients differently than your competitors ( and industry heros) are
  • Create a “true to you” inspiration board that ignores what others are doing in your industry and what “you think” people want to see and gets to the heart of who you are, how you want to brand your business, and how you want to connect with your ideal customers
  • Pinpoint exactly who your ideal client is and who you truly love working with and serving, so you can niche your business correctly and stop fighting for the same pool of clients if they’re not truly who you want to serve
  • Specify touchpoints where you can add more personality and unique style to your brand, so you create a connection and stay at the front of potential clients’ minds.


Day One – Start with the Right Words

  • Describe your brand like a physical Location
  • Describe your brand like a person
  • Describe where your brand would shop and reasons why
  • Describe three celebrities that your brand resonates with and why

Day Two – Gather Visual Inspiration

  • Create an inspiration board using the right research and how to pull it all together.

Day Three – Define Your Client

  • Describe in detail who your ideal client is
  • Make sure that it aligns with the way you described your brand previously

Day Four – Where to Add More Personality to your Brand and Create a Connection

  • Providing a checklist of the most essential places to add personality and branded elements to your client experience.

During the 4-day challenge, I’ll deliver a daily email with a video and worksheet for you to work through! I am here for any kind of support you need and please feel free to ask any questions during the challenge! To sign up, simply click the link below and add your email address to the list.

I cannot wait to work through this challenge for you!

Hearts and Hoorays!

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