What These Top 12 Photographers Say Makes their Brand Stand Out

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May 1, 2018

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The # 1 Thing These 12 Top Photographers Say Makes their Brand Stand Out, so they Book More Clients

Top photographers know how to attract high quality clients who understand the value of their services. There’s a reason why they get constant leads and have booked out calendars, so I wanted to talk to the industry’s top photographers to see what they had to say about why their brands stand out.

Here’s what they had to say and why they think having a stand out brand is so important:

“I know how to communicate who I am, what I do, and why it’s important…and then create experiences around these tenants online!” – ???? Jasmine Star – Jasmine Star Photography

“My brand is different from others in the market because it is one that champions community over competition in all aspects—I share about my competitors, cheer them one, and openly collaborate with them. My language, visuals, and tone are all rooted in vulnerability, empathy, and honesty. While many are striving for a brand that is perfect—I run in the opposite direction. I embrace emotion, quirks, and the mess. I welcome my audience to show up just as they are because they can expect the same of me.”???? Natalie Franke

“I think whether it’s my clients that I photograph or other photographers that I teach, I truly care about every person that I come in contact with–as a human being. So if it’s a mom that is dying for a good picture of her with her kids, a dad that is usually miserable during photoshoots, or a photographer about to throw in the towel…I take time to really see them and listen to their needs. And that’s when magic happens. :)” ???? Rachel Vanoven – Rachel Vanoven Photography

“I’d say that the one thing about our brand that makes us stand out is that we focus entirely on authentic interactions and capturing emotion in the moment.  We love telling stories where our clients can look back at their image years later and remember how they felt in those moments.”  ???? Twig and Olive Photography

“I love that The Design Space stands for learning and helping people to successfully build their own website without being overwhelmed by all the technical issues that involves. We believe that anyone can do it, so I’ve made sure that our message of support is front and center of everything we do.” ???? Melissa Love – The Design Space

“I believe that personal marketing is what sets my brand apart – incorporating myself and my personality into the way that I share online.” ???? Hope Taylor – Hope Taylor Photography

“When I think about how to describe my brand and what makes it unique, is that it makes you feel like a warm hug. My work gives you all the warm fuzzies! So yes, just call me Olaf!”???? Julie Paisely – Julie Paisely Photography

“Hmmm…one thing. If I had to narrow it down to one thing I would say it is that we spent a lot of time really considering and intentionally laying out the content. Content organization I think is one of the biggest things that most people miss with their website designs and it when you can’t create a clear path with your content your client doesn’t know where to go and what to look at and how to hire you. Of course, there are all the little details of design and simplicity, but I really think it is the intentional content organization path that we took that creates client engagement and leads us to over 700 inquiries a year.” ???? Abbey Khyl – Abbey Kyhl Photography

“The one thing that makes me stand out is my ability to not only capture images that tell a story, but also communicate well & connect with my clients! I secretly love e-mails and setting up my clients for success (and answering questions before they even know they have the questions!). My potential clients know that they are going to get a superior experience that begins long before and lasts far beyond the session! That, and my love of all things food! ;)”  ???? Lauren Carnes – Lauren Carnes Photography

“The one thing about my brand that makes me stand out from the competition was finding what I’m naturally good at doing.  For me, my client communication has really helped me in my business and the thing that I get the most compliments on. Educating my clients in preparation for their engagement session and wedding day is what’s helped them to feel prepared and relaxed. I ultimately enter and end each client experience with an educated and inspired client!”  ???? Terri Baskin – Terri Baskin Photography

“The way I love people & their stories sets me apart from the competition and defines how I do my work. Whether I’m working with a couple on their wedding day or a creative business owner who is launching a new product, they are always gracious to open up their hearts & lives so I can document the fullness of it all!”  ???? Laura Foote – Laura Foote Photography

“My entire business model is built on being proactive, not reactive with my clients.  Right from the get go, I’m doing things to make their experience stress-free and fun. Through questionnaires, client education throughout the entire process, and a quick delivery of their wedding and portrait galleries, I’m all about being proactive AND delivering an incredible client experience.  I want them to have their pictures before they move onto the next big life event, and I think this really makes me stand out in the market and to their friends and family. It makes my word of mouth referrals go through the roof, and I love that I’m giving them an experience the deserve. I do this all my creating killer workflows from beginning to end!”  ???? Laura Neff – Laura Lee Photography

“My brand is inspired by my personal life! I spend all day with the love of my life, babies, flowers, and art- there’s never a moment when I’m not inspired to create beautiful imagery!”  ???? Whitney Nichols – Whitney Nichols Photography

If you can’t differentiate yourself as a photographer so that you stand out in a crowded industry, it’s really difficult to attract the leads and bookings you need to run a sustainable and fulfilling business.

Every photography business I help brand, I brand by representing who the client is deep down, because that’s what makes true connections with clients and potential clients.

Because I believe so strongly in branding from within and creating a stand out brand, I’ve created a FREE Stand Out Brand Challenge where you’ll learn how to build a brand that stands out from the competition and connects with your ideal clients in a way no one else can.

The Stand Out Brand Challenge starts Tuesday, May 29th. Sign up below.

Hearts and Hoorays!

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