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June 14, 2022

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Working with Lovebird Bridal Jewelry Collective’s Brand and Website was a challenge I was overly excited about!

Creating an eCommerce website for the amazing ladies at Lovebird Jewelry Collective that served their needs and met their marketing goals was a designer’s dream.

Technically, this was a rebrand project.

I had the honor of working on the original brand and as they grew their business and their brand goals evolved they realized it was time to elevate their branding. Of course, I was ready to create a brand that visually communicated its new goals and match the beauty of its heirloom bridal jewelry. 

It is the greatest honor when a client consistently comes back. I have been fortunate enough to design for the owner Emmy on multiple occasions. I can’t ever get over how amazing and driven she is.

Truly an inspiration to be able to witness a powerhouse like Emmy.

The goals of Lovebird’s rebrand were to create an elegant, simple, and modern, client experience. This was to reflect the beauty of the jewelry. While showcasing their products in a way that made it easy to create a wholesale-based business as well as a large focus on designing custom jewelry. 

The bridal jewelry rebrand and website package that I put together for Lovebird Jewelry Collective included the works:

  1. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design
  2. Welcome Packet for New Retailers
  3. Policies and Procedures Guides
  4. Wholesale Catalog
  5. Brand Stationery
  6. Custom eCommerce Website

Step 01. The Lovebird bridal jewelry Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design

When I read through the brand foundation questionnaire from the Lovebird team I knew one theme stood out above everything else. They wanted to create a brand that presented their jewelry in a luxurious way so their high-end price point was visually demonstrated at any given interaction with the brand.

They wanted their brand to communicate how they were a small business that really focused on top-notch personal service for their vendors and brides.

The Lovebird brand is known for its kindness and willingness to go above and beyond for its customers.

Presenting this visually for the ladies of Lovebird was my honor.

Lovebird Bridal Jewelry logo by Ally B Designs
Lovebird Bridal Jewelry Branding Moodboard by Ally B Designs

Step 02. Marketing Materials and Brand Collateral for Lovebird Bridal Jewelry

The next phase of the project was to design collateral that served them and saved them time. The point of marketing materials is to provide information at the right time to potential clients and current clients. 

Lovebird serves two very different clients with a wholesale line and by creating custom bridal jewelry for their brides.

To provide an outstanding client experience for their wholesale vendors we created:

  • A welcome packet
  • A policies and procedures guide
  • A seasonal wholesale product catalog

These designs were beautifully branded, and informative, and saved them time from the back and forth emails on common questions.

They presented their new seasonal line each quarter impressively. This made it easy for their vendors to select what they wanted to carry in their boutiques and how they could customize orders for their brides.

Lovebird Bridal Jewelry brand collateral by Ally B Designs
Lovebird Bridal Jewelry brand collateral by Ally B Designs

Step 03. Custom eCommerce Website

To round out their rebrand package we set out to redesign their website with an eCommerce shopping opportunity for their brides.

The website needed to showcase the beauty of their designs. Making it SO easy to understand they can place custom orders. They can also work with the Lovebird team to create a one-of-a-kind design for their dream wedding day.

We created a password-protected portal for their wholesale vendors to be able to log in and find everything they need for their Lovebird Jewelry Collective line. They have the opportunity to download the welcome packet, and policies and procedures guide. As well as the active collections they could purchase from the seasonal launches.

If I do say so myself, I think we knocked this one out of the park.

While the Lovebird Jewelry Collective is not actively creating new jewelry and has shifted its website to host its final sale you can see the designs of the original site below. 

Lovebird bridal jewelry website by Ally B Designs
Lovebird Bridal Jewelry website by Ally B Designs
Lovebird Bridal Jewelry website by Ally B Designs
Lovebird Bridal Jewelry website by Ally B Designs
Lovebird Bridal Jewelry website by Ally B Designs


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