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June 24, 2019

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Ok, before I go into this blog post, I have to get something off of my chest…

If you invest your hard-earned money into having a professional brand and website designed, please do not just rely on the standard business templates on VistaPrint. I need to now let out a big “uggghhh” here.

Nothing makes a designer cringe more (in my opinion).

If you want to elevate your client experience, it’s important to intentionally brand and be thoughtful about every touch point in your client experience. That includes business cards and so much more (which we’re going to discuss).

So, what exactly is brand collateral? And is yours adequately branded?

Let’s find out!

What is Brand Collateral?

Brand collateral is your stationery, marketing, or printed handouts. No matter how much of your business takes places online, the bottom line is that you’ll probably need some form of print material (even if it’s also taken form as a digital version) for your business.

Keeping that material branded is essential for maintaining a cohesive brand.

The most common collateral item, that people think of, is a business card, but other items also include:

  • note cards/thank you cards
  • welcome packets
  • price sheets
  • client gifts
  • what to wear guides
  • gift certificates
  • social media templates
  • email marketing pieces and SO MUCH MORE

I’ve worked with so many photographers and created different marketing materials for each of them based on their specific needs and the client experience they have built.

You probably do not need all of these for your business, but finding those key pieces for your business and making them actually work for you can make a huge difference in the experience you provide to your clients AND save you so much time as well.

Here are some of the most important brand collateral you should have:

  • Business Cards

With the number of interactions that happen in an “online”, it’s easy to think that business cards are a thing of the past. But, I can assure you they are not.

Whether you attend workshops, conferences, local business meetups, or run into someone new, having a card to hand out is crucial.

Have beautifully printed cards on luxurious stock so you can demonstrate how you value nice things and the person you’re engaging with. And hand.them.out.

Give extras to your clients who you love so they can share them as well. I know when I receive a card that is high quality, I keep it and it stays top of mind.

  • Note Cards/Thank You Cards

With our flooded email inboxes, messenger inboxes, and Instagram DMs, I think people cherish snail mail now more than ever. Our physical mailbox is one of the “least crowded” boxes we have.

Have branded cards printed to send notes to your clients. Say thank you and be genuine on your handwritten note. This creates a meaningful connection with your clients.

If you take time to tell them that you care, they’ll naturally want to come back for more!

  • Social Media Templates

Even if you don’t meet prospective clients in person, making a connection with them digitally is so important! Think of the power having branded social media templates that are unique to you and you alone could have on brand recognition. 

When you have a branded social media templates that are designed specifically with your needs in mind and what your business offers the power is all yours. When you use the same standard templates that everyone else is using, believe me…people take note. (or should I say they swipe/scroll on by).

When you do something different and unique you will stand out and your prospective clients will take note! Isn’t that what we all want? It’s time to build a connection on your social media profiles and stand out in the sea of sameness!

  • Welcome Packets

These are the keys to welcoming your photography clients in style and continuing to set the tone for their experience.

These can be as simple or elaborate as you want, but don’t skimp on these pieces. Treat your clients lavishly from the beginning.

A photographer welcome packet is a must-have for any business. Most of us are running brands and families all at the same time, so we have to make sure we’re taking steps to protect our time and maximize our brand collateral.

When it comes to building a welcome packet, I actually recommend that you have two different ones: one to send to potential clients immediately following an inquiry and one to send to booked clients once they’ve booked. If you want to read more on exactly what to include in the two different welcome packets head over to “How to elevate your photography client experience with a welcome packet!”

If you’re sharing any marketing materials with potential clients, whether it be physical or digital, it’s essential for it to be strategic and create a connection. Having branded collateral gives your business a more professional appearance. Not only does it extend your brand to every element and touch point of your photography business and creates a cohesive look and feel for your brand, but it also provides useful information at strategic touchpoints in your client experience.

If you want to provide an experience for your clients that exceeds all expectations. One where your clients will rave all about how fantastic you are and tell everyone they know to book you right away, check out The Brand Shop by Ally B and add in these marketing templates to your client experience!

Hearts and Hoorays!

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