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A Portrait Photography Logo Design Project for Studio 64 Photography

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July 5, 2022

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It’s pretty obvious if you take a look at my portfolio that I love photography logo design projects. Designing personal brands for photographers brings me so much joy because even though they might all be photographers every single one of my clients has their own unique personality and characteristics that work together to create a brand that is one of a kind. LeAnn Overbeek with Studio 64 Photography was an amazing client who was looking to create an elevated higher-end brand for her portrait photography studio. She specialized in family portraits and graduating senior portrait photography so personalized that each client receives their very own unique experience.

The photography logo design package that I put together for LeAnn included the works:

  1. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design
  2. Pricing Guide for New Inquiries
  3. Brand Stationery
  4. Custom ShowIt Website

Step 01. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design

When I read through the brand foundation questionnaire from LeAnn I was absolutely ready to take on the challenge presented. LeAnn lives in a tourist town where she provides portrait photography sessions for families local and on vacation as well as senior portrait sessions. Providing a unique experience for every single client means that her experience is high-end and takes a lot of time to plan and execute. 

Her goals were to create a brand that visually communicated the level of attention she provides to her clients. This also needed to communicate the luxury experience she provides because just like her, she knows her clients only want the best of the best.

Before the rebrand, she had realized her brand was not conveying the high-end experience she provides. Her potential clients had a bit of sticker shock when they started discussing prices for sessions. The end goal was to design a brand that attracted clients who were already a “YES” before they even saw the pricing on her site. 

When designing I married together with her own personal interest and color/font psychology to make sure her brand oozed personality and a sophisticated and high-end feel. 

I love how this brand developed, take a look below at the finished photography logo design.

portrait photography logo design project for studio 64
portrait photography logo design project for studio 64

Step 02. Photography Marketing Materials and Brand Collateral

The next phase of LeAnn’s project was to elevate the client experience she provided to match her level of high-end service. We wanted her potential clients to be wowed from the very first time they communicate with LeAnn. As well as make sure her marketing materials are serving both her and her potential clients.

Together, we designed a pricing guide she is able to send to potential clients when they reach out for more information. This pricing guide provides all of the important information they need on packages offered, pricing, and any commonly asked questions they might want to know the answers to. This guide goes into more detail than the package information on her website so she can save time on back and forth emails by sending a pricing guide that shares all of the information they might need to make their decision. 

I also designed a thank you card and business card. This gave LeAnn beautiful stationery and ready-to-write thank you notes to her clients. As well as share her information with anyone who inquires on the go. Some people may think that paper goods are a thing of the past but I know how receiving a handwritten note from anyone makes me feel and that is something I will forever want my clients to feel too!

Business cards always come in handy to stick in these thank you notes as organic marketing. It’s easy for your clients who have loved your service to share your card when they have extras on hand. (pro tip: you can even include a referral discount for their next session if they bring in more clients.)

Check out these intentional marketing material designs below.

portrait photography logo design project for studio 64
portrait photography logo design project for studio 64

Step 03. Custom ShowIt Website

The final step in the package is a custom ShowIt website design. This was designed to communicate the elevated and high-end service LeAnn provides to her clients.

We created a flow for the website that led potential clients through the site. This provided them with the information they needed to know to make an informed decision. While making it easy for them to reach out to book their own experience. 

We made sure to showcase her stunning photography sessions and show how she really personalizes every session for each client. While selecting photos we made to curate a collection that was on brand and only the best of the best out of her work to really speak to the high-end service she provides. 

I love this website so much and I am absolutely confident you will too.

portrait photography logo design project for studio 64
portrait photography logo design project for studio 64
portrait photography logo design project for studio 64
portrait photography logo design project for studio 64
portrait photography logo design project for studio 64

To view the website and brand in action be sure to check it out here at Studio 64 Photography.


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