How to Pick a Niche in Your Photography Business

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August 28, 2018

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Decide What You Want to Be Known For: How to Pick a Niche in Your Photography Business

You know the quote, “If you’re a jack of all trades, you’re a master of none.” And, when you’re a multi-passionate, multi-talented person that can feel kind of…harsh. Especially if you’ve been told that many times by the people in your life.

It’s great to be good, interested, and passionate about so many things, but how do you make that work in a business? And how do you turn that into a good thing rather than the mediocre thing you’ve always felt it means?

I have worked with so many photographers who want to be the end all be all, “I-do-everything photographer.”  The problem with this theory is that you are then selling yourself for a quick buck instead of really being passionate about your services and in love with them.

When I brand my business—no matter what different types of services I’m adding— I stay truly authentic to who I am as a person and lean into that when I create my services and packages I offer to my clients.

If we are only offering the best of what we do, we can then find ways to supplement within that field and still LOVE every minute of it.

By doing this, you can offer new and different session types within your niche OR you can become an educator in your niche. You won’t be remembered for EVERYTHING, but you will be remembered for what you excel at and are truly talented and passionate about.

Here’s the REAL truth about offering ALL THE SERVICES…

For the Real Talk video version of this blog post watch it here:

When you offer all the services, you attract everyone.

Sure, that sounds great, but pause and think about that for a minute. Not everyone is a great client and not everyone is the type of client you want to work with.

When you niche down and then add on multi-faceted services within your niche, your business will flourish because people will see your passion and talent in that area and start to remember you FOR THAT.

You know the saying – “The Riches are in the niches!”

So, how do you pick a niche in your photography business? Well, I’m going to give you some homework, so you can do just that.

Here it is:

  1. Go back and look at your work and pick out your favorite sessions and photos. Why are they your favorites?
  2. Think back to the clients who lit your soul on fire before and after the shoot. You know the ones who you could not believe contacted you and you couldn’t wait to shoot. Then, you could hardly wait long enough to get home and go through all of the magical photos. Why did you love this client? What kind of session was it?
  3. Who are photographers that inspire you and make you strive to be better? What do they offer? Why do you look up to them? While I do not want you to build your services or packages because of how someone else did, iit could be as simple as they lead their clients with natural posing and shoot with love. How can you apply this into your brand, shooting style, and services?
  4. Take a good hard look at where you are in life and know what fits with who you are and what kind of time you have and who you will connect with organically. Not all of us want to work every weekend and be a wedding photographer. Not all of us want to handle newborns and have soft loving hands, AND not all of us have the patience it takes to work with families with little kids. Where do you fit in here?
  5. What do you have the most experience in? Have you found that you have educated yourself in one industry and have perfected your style? BUT most importantly have you found through this extra education that you still love it and have a hunger for more?

If you answered these questions out load, you might already have your answers. Is there a collective theme that runs through them? Find it. In there lies the photographer you want to be…the photographer who is happy and successful. In there lies your niche. Go after it!

But if you are want to work grab my

How To Pick A Photography Niche Workbook

so you can scribble your heart out! Brain dump all of your feelings, get messy, and do the work! You will be glad you did!

Hearts and Hoorays!

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