Tonic Site Shop Website Template Customization for Nicole Bertrand Photography

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January 16, 2023

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When Nicole hired me to design her photography website template customization, she was tired of feeling like visitors would land on her website and think “amateur on a budget.” What she really wanted potential clients to think and feel was “professional photographer.” 

She wanted people to see a polished, elegant, and cohesive website. Nicole also had 2 main goals for her project. They were to: 

  1. Better represent her work, brand, and business
  2. Streamline the client journey and backend workflow

She chose to use a template for her website, but rely on me – the designer – to do the design and customization, which is really the best of both worlds! 

The Tonic Site Shop Website Template Customization Package for Nicole Bertrand Photography included:

  1. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design
  2. Brand Stationery
  3. Canva Pricing Guide Template
  4. Email Signature
  5. Set Up and Implementation of Branded Emails within Dubsado
  6. Tonic Site Shop Website Customization

Step 01. The Brand Foundation and Brand Identity Design

Any time I design a website, I design the brand identity and foundation because it’s so important to the look, feel, and direction. 

When I read through Nicole’s brand questionnaire, she mentioned that she loves to capture the connection between her clients and their interactions. It’s what inspires her. I kept the word “connection” at the forefront as I designed. 

The goal behind every image she shoots is for them to be true to life, so we needed to keep her website authentic and thoughtful yet elevated.

For her brand colors, we used: teal, white, coral, shell, seafoam, and mist. To add some texture, I also used some very soft and subtle geometric patterns.

Step 02. Marketing Materials and Brand Collateral

Next, I started designing Nicole’s marketing materials and brand collateral. She wanted to create an elevated experience for her clients because she provides such detailed one-to-one service.

In order to keep the tech-side branded and take the burden off of Nicole’s plate, I also connected the FloDesk email marketing software and Dubsado for her customer relationship management. 

She didn’t have to be tech-savvy or worry about learning something new. Now, leads can opt into her email list from her website. New inquiries on her contact page receive a completely branded and automated customer experience from the first encounter. 

I also designed an email signature and pricing guide that she can update in Canva as her services or prices change. Her pricing guide creates brand recognition and gives her clients the opportunity to view her offerings in depth.

Step 03. Tonic Site Shop Photography Website Template Customization

Check out the before and after! This is template customization at its finest. We started with the ‘Lita Grey’ template and turned it into a website that tells the story of Nicole Bertrand Photography. 

When you have “good bones” to work with, you can build something beautifully branded on top of it! A solid foundation – which I consider Tonic Templates to be – is what anything long-lasting and sustainable is built on. 

With my design customization, Nicole’s website looks and feels custom yet it took less time and monetary investment than a custom build.

Want to see Nicole’s live website in action? 

Take a spin around it here.

Could your website be next?

A pretty and cohesive website is what every business owner needs, but it’s the strategy that actually gets you more of the right clients that grow your bottom line. 

Book a call with me to transform your website, either by starting with a Tonic Template, my signature Ally B template, or creating a custom website from scratch.

On the call, we’ll discuss your goals and the right path for you. If you have any questions you want to ask before we hop on a call, fill out my contact form and I will get right back to you as soon as possible.

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