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October 10, 2017

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I’m back with a new episode of my “Heart to Heart” series! This week I am chatting with Melissa Love with the Design Space. We are giving you all of the information you could need on “How To Maximize Your Photography Website Template” with ACTIONABLE TAKE AWAYS! So be sure to give it a go and have a little heart to heart with us!

We chatted all about:
– Are templates built with a “fill in the blank” mentality?
– Suggestions on how to maximize a photography website template
– How to infuse your personality and brand into a predesigned website template.
– Is there a certain time or level in business when a custom website should replace a template?

Melissa has a brilliant webinar on HOW TO CHOOSE & CUSTOMIZE ANY WEBSITE THEME.
This webinar is amazing and covers:

  • How to choose a theme that suits your content, style and ideal client.
  • How to apply your branding elements to make your website unique and memorable
  • How to change themes and keep your current site live.
  • How to preserve your SEO when changing themes

It is a must watch if you are starting to dive into designing a site DIY style. Check it out here:

This is a must watch for any photographer, wedding professional, or creative entrepreneur who is looking to rebrand or up-level their business!

If you have any questions on this video or want to chat with me about how we can work together before to click over to my contact page and shoot me a message! I would love to hear from you!

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