10 Easy Tweaks to Create Brand Clarity for Photographers

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October 12, 2019

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On the blog today, I am sharing 10 Easy Tweaks to Create Brand Clarity and a Website that Converts for Photographers. It can be overwhelming when you are in the DIY phase of your business. We are so excited when we get started to have a logo and toss it on our social media, our promotional materials, and a website template. After a while and we have gained more experience you can easily start to feel like it just doesn’t fit who you are as a photographer or your style at all!

It’s common to outgrow something from 2-3 years ago, especially if you started your photography business by chance because you just loved taking photos. By now you probably have WAY more experience, defined who you are and your style of editing, and you have probably taken some form of education. That all means you have grown and changed and that is awesome! It also means that it is time for a brand that fits who you are now as a photographer so you can attract those dream clients who “get you” on the spot and can’t wait to book your services!

To succeed at having brand clarity and running a photography business where potential clients feel like they know who you are from the minute they land on your website and can’t wait to actually meet you in person, you need to keep it real and be intentional with your brand. I promise you, NO ONE should sit back and assume they have a clear brand that people will LOVE or website that adequately reflects who they are just because they put a lot of work into it.

As photographers or creatives in general, we have to continually take a good hard look at our brands and make sure it’s showing a true representation of who we are a person and communicating clearly what we offer and how to book our services. Time is short, as we all know, so if you make potential clients work too hard to get to know you or what you offer, I promise they will go with another photographer and I don’t want that to happen to you! 

Here are 10 easy tweaks to make your brand clear and website connect with your dream clients:

  1. Stop faking it—People can sense sincerity and they know when someone is being genuine in their posts, emails, and copy. People like to work with genuine people and authentic businesses—period. So if you want to attract the clients who love you for YOU and want to book your services because they value you as the photographer – you can’t be pretending to be something you aren’t. 
  2. Keep it simple—Less is more when it comes to your brand identity. Make sure that your brand isn’t over complicated so that it is easier to remember and easier to connect with. With so much noise around us all day and on social media, we need to work hard to remain top of mind. There isn’t any easier way to remain consistent with your brand other than keeping things simple and cohesive.
  3. Create Messaging that Connects with Your Dream Clients— If you’re intentional about your messaging, sharing your values, what you love, who you are as a person, and just honestly being who you really are it should be really easy to create messaging that connects with your dream clients. If your dream clients can see who you are and trust you as a person, they will feel connected to you and want to book your services. (that’s called the know, like, and trust factor)
  4. Select a Consistent and Polished Color Palette— Use a consistent color palette and then be sure to remain consistent across all of your social media, promotional materials, and your website. It can feel fun to change out colors for the season or the newest trends but trust me in the long haul – it’s not fun when people can’t remember who you are. Check out my blog post “How to Properly Choose the Perfect Brand Colors for Your Business” for more in-depth info.
  5. Stay consistentStay consistent when sharing your brand and story across all platforms. I want to share an example here, I have seen many photographers buy a template and toss their name on it and call it good. They don’t take the time to change out the colors and fonts to match their brand. This creates a disconnect when potential clients are searching for you in many different ways. Just imagine, if they find you on social media and you are using a template collection that is stock on one of the platforms, sure it’s pretty right? Then that same potential client heads over to your website, you have a completely different theme and color palette here. This makes them subconsciously nervous thinking “is this the same photographer?”. We want to make it as easy as pie to remember who we are and creating visual consistency and brand recognition is the way to do this.Find out how to build a stand out photography brand with this FREE download.
  6. Stay relevant—You want to stay relevant to your market and to do that, you have to care about the challenges they face and the desires they have and communicate that. For every service you have, share why you do what you do and how it benefits them by either solving a challenge or meeting a desire. Care and communicate—they have to understand what you do, understand you get what they’re going through, and understand you care about it.
  7. Make website navigation easy—Have easy website navigation for your visitors, so they know exactly where to go on your website to find the information that they need. Cutesy sayings are fun but they hurt your SEO and make the user experience less effective. If you use cutesy sayings and want to get clever, just make sure that you pair those sayings with statements and copy that communicates clearly to visitors and to the “SEO crawlers.” If you have many different services, consider adding a home “landing page” that allows them to “choose their own adventure.”brella of a brand is what is going to make your business work.
  8. Create a Brand Not a BusinessThis may seem simple, but so many people miss the mark. A brand is what represents you at all times. It’s the emotions people see. The visual brand is just a part of it—a VERY super important part—but the message and all-encompassing feel of your brand is what makes people fall in love with you.
  9. Ask for the saleRemind people that you are ready and willing to work with them. Lead them and ask them for the sale. You can’t just say: “I’m a photographer, reach out for more info.” Get specific and don’t leave them hanging. Tell them what you have to offer and how to book it!
  10. Make it easy to contact youMake sure your personal social media profiles are linked to your business pages or list your website on them. Do a once over and make sure that you have current and correct contact information everywhere. There is nothing worse than wanting to work with someone and not knowing how to get a hold of that person. No matter where people are or what service they are looking for, they have to know they can trust you to be there so they’re confident in investing in you.

If you know you need to make some big-time tweaks to your brand so that you can create brand clarity and build a consistent visual representation of your photographer business easily I have a couple of ways that I can help you do just that! 

First up, in the Brand Shop, I have predesigned Brand Collections that you can easily select the brand you want to work with and I will do all of the designing for you. However, the best part of the brand collections is the Brand Guide that comes along with it. In this guide, you are providing all of the tools you need to create a consistent clear brand when you relaunch and in all aspects of your business. Think colors, fonts, logo usage, website elements, and so much more! Check them out below…

Grab Your Off the Shelf Brand Collection to build a photography brand this is not just beautiful but easy to maintain.

BUT if you have been dreaming of a specific brand but just haven’t been able to bring it to life, go ahead and check out my Tailor Made Custom Brand Package. This is where I will design you a custom brand and then we will customize the package of your dreams (and budget) so you get to decide how much work you want me to do and how much you want to do yourself!

Hearts and Hoorays friends!

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