Quiz Reveals: DIYing Your Brand or Hire a Pro

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January 23, 2018

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Quiz Reveals: How to Know if You Can Get Away with DIYing Your Brand or If You Should Hire a Designer

As business owners, we often start out DIYing as much as possible, because—let’s be honest—the budget for reinvestment isn’t always there in the beginning.

DIYing can also be fun when we start out. Everything is new and exciting and we’re just thrilled to have our hands in our own business, making our dreams—instead of someone else’s—come true.

So, how do you know if now is the time to DIY or whether you should hire a designer for your brand and website?

Take this “quiz” and, once you’ve read the insights under each question, answer “yes” or “no.”

  • Do you see value in hiring a professional designer?

Since you’re here, it means you understand the value of good design and there can be mistakes with DIY branding.

This will be the first clue that lets you know whether you’re ready to hire a designer. If you recognize that DIY branding didn’t ( or isn’t going to) take you as far as you’d like and you envy fellow business owners who have professional branding, now might be the time to choose a designer vs DIY yourself.

Most business owners who’ve DIYed in the past, hire designers because they’ve reached a point in their business where they know that in order to grow further and attract the perfect clients, they have to present themselves more professionally.

  • Do you know who your ideal client is?

This question has a few follow up questions:

Do you know what your ideal client’s most burning problem is and how you solve it with your offering?

You only have a few seconds to grab your prospective client’s attention whether on your website, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

If you’re not clear on who that is and how you can do it, it might be best to go through, at the least, a brand audit with a designer (which is typically much more affordable than hiring a professional designer for branding) to get some clarity and then determine if you’re set to DIY or should move forward and hire a designer.

  • Are you clear on your goals as a brand?

As a photographer or creative entrepreneur, it’s just the truth that we often start a business with our passion and learn as we go.

And that’s wonderful, but at some point we have to determine which direction we’re truly going to sail, so we can get to our dream destination ( instead of just drifting on unknown waters to some unknown landing spot).

If you’re not clear on your goals, here are some probing questions you can ask yourself:

  • Why did I start my business?
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What do I want people to feel and say about my brand?
  • Are you financially stable enough to make an investment?

Don’t go into debt because you feel pressured to have a professionally designed brand, especially if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy in place and aren’t consistently getting clients.

If you can’t invest in professional branding, I discuss some great alternatives below.

If you answered mostly “yes” to the above questions, you may be ready to hire a professional designer. You’re in a good position with your business and you’ve dug deep and understand your goals, who you want to attract, and where you’re going – which are all ESSENTIAL steps for creating and designing a brand that represents YOU and WORKS FOR YOU.

If you answered mostly “no” to the above questions, you may need to stick with DIYing your brand for the time being. Dig into who your ideal client is, what your business goals are, and how you want truly represent your brand before you move forward with hiring someone and risk chaos.

It can be hard to give a designer clear direction on what you’re after, when you’re unsure yourself.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have a beautiful brand that attracts clients in the meantime.

There are beautiful templates available that you can take advantage of until you’re more consistent with your work, client experience, and income.

I also offer an affordable “brand and website audit” where I take a fine tooth comb to your website and social media accounts and provide tips and insight for how you can make your brand more cohesive and more you.

I also provide a workbook intensive to help you dig out your ideal client, business goals, and brand personality.

It includes a video recording of my insights, professional feedback, and more.

Get all of the details here on my Work With Me Page!

Thank you so much!

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