5 Steps to Writing a Killer About Page

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January 9, 2018

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5 Steps to Writing a Killer Photographer About Page That Attracts Clients and Boosts Your Credibility and Connection

So, you want to write an authentic about page that connects with the right clients, demonstrates your vision and values, and boosts your credibility?

One that kills it – and takes names (literally in the form of email addresses on your contact form)?

One that showcases your heart and how you can serve your clients?

First of all, here’s the big idea…..



Gasp! I know that can seem harsh. But, it really isn’t about you. It’s about them. Just like as much as your business is for you, it’s also for your peeps.

So, here are the 5 questions your potential clients want you to answer:

1. What’s different about you?

Your potential clients want to know what’s different about you. They want to know why you’re special. Why you’re unique.

Maybe your special or different because your work is showcased around the world. Maybe you’re in the same local town as your potential client, so you’re one of the gang and get their customer base.

Articulate why you’re different and one-of-a-kind without straight up saying, “I’m one-of-a-kind, because…” Think through why you are and demonstrate it in copy by sharing a story or alluding to where you live or focus.

2. Do we have anything in common?

Your customers want to find a point of connection. They want to know that they have something in common with you or can relate. They want to know that you have a similar vision or similar values.

If you’re a family photographer and you have a family, let potential clients know. If your niche is senior portraits and you have a senior or had a senior graduate, tell a funny or heart-felt story about when your kid was a senior.

It may feel like you’re talking about you here (and you are), but the goal of doing so is to help your potential customer find commonalities with you.

3. How can you solve my problem or fulfill my desire?

Your potential clients not only want to know that you can solve their problem or fulfill their desire, they want to know *how* you can do it.

If you take photos that help families capture the wonder and happiness in their everyday moments…say just that.

If one thing your clients love most about you is how well you pose them in their wedding dress and how beautiful they feel when they see the photos you’ve taken…share that.

Talk about your clients problems and desires and how you uniquely solve them. Look at emails from past clients or testimonials and highlight how they describe you or what they say they love about you. That will give you a start.

4. Why should they choose you instead of someone else?

Is your style so unique that your work is showcased in art galleries or local boutiques? Did you study under a renowned protégé (how cool!)? Have you been in your industry for a really long time?

Do you mostly shoot indie songwriters for the cover of their albums and not many people focus on that niche? Is your quality untouchable? Is your price point phenomenal? Are your packages structured in such a way that you’re giving clients exactly what you know they want?

Have you had a love for heart and an eye for capturing beauty since you were young? Do your portfolios showcase your best work?

Highlight exactly why your ideal client should choose you over choosing someone else ( again – without coming right out and saying just that LOL).

5. Is your headshot the window to your soul?

Okay – maybe I got a little too romantic there..siiiiggh. Are you using a headshot of yourself that reflects what you look like now and the type of personality you have.

If you’re just not the stuffy tie and crisp suit type, no need to stuff yourself into one for a headshot. Make sure your headshot on your about page gives visitors a glimpse at who you are.

Are you smiling how you normally smile? Does your positioning look natural and not awkward.

If you need to update your current headshot, update that baby. Ask another photographer if he or she will snap your headshot in exchange for you snapping his or hers, so you can both have some snazzy new pics of yourself to post.

When it comes to your website and your brand, you need more than a killer about page to make a killer impression.


Because I love giving to you guys, I have one more thing to help you boost your credibility and connect with your clients.

In my “Branded Client Experience” checklist, you’ll discover what you need – beyond your about page – to create an experience for your clients that makes them want to choose you, inspires loyalty, and gets them talking about you to all their friends.

Get your FREE copy of the “Branded Client Experience Checklist” here.

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