A Rebrand Story: New York Wedding Photographer Jaye Avery Photography

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March 6, 2018

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A Rebrand Story: How New York Wedding Photographer Jaye Avery Photography Proudly Stepped into Her New Brand and Gained Confidence and Clarity

When Jesse reached out to me for her branding, she wanted her business to have more of a personal touch so clients would see who she really is. She was a little nervous and stressed just thinking about the rebrand process and actually doing it, but she was also highly optimistic, because she knew it was time.

A little bit about Jaye Avery Photography and What Owner Jesse Was Going For

Jaye Avery is owned by Jesse Fernandez. Jesse works full time as a photographer and is building her own business on the side. Her hubby is a cop and they rarely get to see each other with their crazy schedules.

She enjoys spending time with her niece and we became super close throughout the process. She now teases that I need to bring my son Beckett and his T-Rex to see her.  

Jesse is a dog and cat mom and loves to unwind with a large glass of wine. She was born with the photography bug (her grandfather was one too!). She LOVES to travel and really wanted that to shine through in her branding

Our Branding Journey Together: How Avery Lynn Became Jaye Avery and a Thriving New Brand

Part of Jesse’s rebrand process included a name change. Jesse chose the “Jaye” in Jaye Avery because it is similar to her name and she chose “Avery,” because it’s what she would want to name her baby girl in the future if she has kids, but her husband shot it down LOL.

So, she decided she’d name her “biz baby” Avery, which gives you a glimpse of her determination to go after what she wants even if it’s not according to her original plan, which I just love about Jesse.

Jesse loved how Jaye Avery sounded more high-end and it stuck.

As part of my branding process, I always send my clients a questionnaire to answer.

Here’s how she answered some of my questions, so you can get a feel for the feedback she provided and how I took that feedback and translated it into her design:

  • She’s most passionate about serving brides, couples, and families who appreciate the fine art behind photography
  • Her dream client appreciates the creative process behind photography and isn’t just looking for pictures, but “photographs of moments.” She really feels there is a big difference between those two types of clients.
  • Three words she wants people to feel when they interact with her brand are: romantic, authentic, and tangible
  • The main message she wanted potential clients to feel when they interact with her brand is that she cares about each person, her craft, and the service she provides has her heart and soul behind it.

This type of deep digging and feedback from Jesse was invaluable. Without this underlying work, it’s much more difficult to truly brand a website that’s authentic to its owner’s vision and mission.

The Moodboard

Before I begin working on logos, I create a custom moodboard for each client. It’s like our mirror. It helps us see what we’re doing (Well, kind of LOL).

Based on the images Jesse pinned on her inspiration board, I created the below mood board. Common threads emerged throughout the colors, fonts, and images she selected and I was able to pull out the following color palette and fonts. We were onto something!

Jesse’s main inspiration for her rebrand visually was a feather. She was very specific of what type of feather and how it reminded her of her grandmother. This is where the Jaye Avery visuals were born!

The Initial Logo Design Options

Next, I started on the logos and came up with the following options:

The Final Logo

After getting feedback from Jesse and doing my usual OCD tweaking and perfecting of the design, she fell in love with the following logo:

The Final Website Design and Social Media Branding

Jesse really wanted a whole new brand and look, especially with cohesion throughout. She wanted her photos to take center stage and really do the talking yet she also wanted to showcase who she really is as the artist behind the camera.

We achieved this by:

    • Photo heavy design really featuring a lot of photography from her travels— Jesse went through her work and put a lot of intention into picking out her best photos that truly resonated with who she is, what she loves to do, and the types of couples she loves to shoot.
    • Social media Kit: Facebook Cover Photo, Profile Pic, and branded email signature— Once we’d nailed down Jesse’s brand and her website design, we took that same style, look, and feel and carried it onto all of her social media platforms

  • Ready to share price sheet for any email inquiries (and print ready for shows)— Anytime you brand your business, it’s important to carry that brand throughout every item a potential client might come into contact with or every place he or she might find you. We designed an on-brand price sheet that Jesse can easily send (or hand out to) any potential client who inquires.

  • Welcome kit to answer any questions couples might have— This welcome kit provides another opportunity for potential clients to engage with Jesse’s brand on an even more personal level. It provides more details and answers potential questions plus cuts back on correspondence and lays the foundation of her boundaries and client experience.

All of this design work provides Jesse with a complete brand identity and consistent online image. It’s like an extreme makeover that sets her up to demonstrate the REAL woman behind her brand and truly stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Launching Jesse’s Site and Keeping On Top of Her New Look

Once I’d designed her website and after all the techy stuff and designs were approved, I started building her site (pink hammer and all).

I always build the homepage and the base template first. This way we can finalize the overall design aesthetic and work out the overall feel. So once the homepage is approved, I carry the design throughout the rest of the website (and that’s exactly what I did with Jesse).

We used her brand elements and patterns sparingly to ensure that her own photography carried the weight and focus of the site.

Click Here to See Jaye Avery Photography’s Live Site

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Hearts and Hoorays!

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