How to infuse personality into your brand to boost your confidence!

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April 12, 2021

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A brand full of personality! WTH does that even mean? 

And more importantly, WHY does it even matter?

Why does showing your personality matter to your branding?

Gone are the days where you can get by with a just logo off of Etsy! 

I get it, we all have to start somewhere, but if you are still in this mindset you are doing yourself, and your business a huge disservice. If you are looking to improve your bottom line by booking more of your dream clients I encourage you to listen up! 

Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart, with so many balls up in the air it can be hard to figure out how to prioritize your time and money. It might seem like there are better places to invest your time and money outside of building your brand but I have to beg to differ – and not just because I am a brand designer.

These days, most of us creatives are the face of our business whether we like it or not. That means that people want to get to know us and connect with us on a deeper level. They want to invest their money in the person behind the business, especially when spending big bucks.

Intentionally creating a strong brand foundation that proudly showcases your personality is going to build that genuine connection with your audience and allow them to get to know you and want to invest in you.

Building a personality-driven brand is setting you up to make a bigger impact because there is no one else like you in this world! No matter what you are selling OR who your competition is, if someone connects with you personally they will buy from you. 

Let that be your superpower! 

So how exactly does a brand with personality give you more confidence?

First, let’s gut check for a second, how confident are you? Are you the kind of person who radiates confidence or do you struggle a bit more stepping into the spotlight? 

Having confidence in our brand can make it or break it in terms of your brand’s success, but it doesn’t come easily for everyone. So how can we make it easier and transform you from a wallflower to the most magnetic creative online?

Easy, build a brand that is inspired by YOU and your personality! 

When working with clients, I design their brands by pulling from a pool of inspiration that lights them up! 

We focus on creating a brand with a strong foundation built on their 

  • Values 
  • Vision
  • Personal interests 
  • And who they are

When you are in LOVE with your brand you can’t wait to share it everywhere with everyone! 

That means you are building visual recognition with a consistent and cohesive brand that you quite frankly can’t get enough of! PLUS, when you have a brand that is true to your values and vision for your business – you will find it so much easier to speak freely about your services and offerings, connect genuinely with your audience, and not second guess if you are doing it right because it comes so naturally! 

Wouldn’t that give you the boost of confidence you were looking for? 

Being able to share our brands and not be embarrassed by them is SO important to the impact that we make with our business.

If you hesitate for one second because you hate the “look” of your brand or know it could be better – you will miss out on working with more of those clients you love. BUT when you know that you are ready and don’t have a single hesitation – you are opening up the chances to connect with your dream clients and increase your bottom line.

Got questions? Shoot me a message via my contact form and ask away!

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