The #1 Reason I send Branded Thank You Cards

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April 19, 2021

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Thank you cards are a timeless tradition that I am sad is slowly becoming a thing of the past. It is way too easy for us to send a quick text and say “thank you” but to me, it doesn’t really convey the heartfelt meaning behind a real hand-written thank you note. So I am taking a stand and I am sharing with you the reason that I send branded thank you cards and a bonus option if you really think you don’t need one.

Branded Thank You Cards

Merci Beaucoup! Danke! Thank you!  

In this day in age it is so easy to remain behind a keyboard and send an email to wrap up a project but how special does that make someone really feel. 

Wrapping up your project with a personal touch is what creates an unforgettable connection! 

  • How many pieces of junk mail do you get every day? 
  • How many handwritten cards do you get everyday? 

There is a big difference between the two! 

I personally, LOVE getting snail mail and it always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because it happens so little anymore.

With my brand packages, I always include a design of a branded notecard/thank you card because I believe in the impact a written note can make. 

Creating personal brands is all about the connection we have with our audience and clients so why not take it offline and go the extra mile! 

A branded thank you card is even more powerful than a card purchased at Target, because if they save it, and pin it to their bulletin board – you are always going to remain top of mind. (and hopefully, come back again and again) 

I like to send a branded gift as my client projects wrap up, the gift can vary but one thing remains the same – a handwritten card from me!

So there is absolutely NO replacement for a Thank You Card, but I do have clients and friends that want another option. I have started designing more and more social media cards for them to throughout their workflow and experience.

So you think business cards are a thing of the past. 

Business cards – bleh! Have you ever thought of a social media card? 

To be honest, I haven’t had a business card in years, but what I do have is a fun little media card that shares all my links and where I hang out!

I like to think of these little cards as the modern take on a business card because who really wants to hand out their phone number or address anymore? 

This cute little card shares all of my social media handles, hashtags, email, and website – and is just plain fun! But the best part about sending this little guy is that it subconsciously suggests sharing my brand online!

I send my little social media cards in my client gifts as I wrap up our project. I even include extras for them to share if they want! 

When this card is included in my client’s gift, oftentimes they post the gift and the card tagging me and that right there is organic marketing! BOOM! 

Plus I carry them in my purse now for those awkward times I am asked for a business card. It lets me guide the conversation and the means in which they are contacting me.

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