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Make a bigger branding impact with your personality!

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March 23, 2021

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This is the year you are going to make a bigger branding impact and fully showcase your personality! If you weren’t ready to commit to this, I just did it for you! (glad I could help – LOL)

Having a personal brand means getting personal

-There is no getting around that. 

Making a bigger branding impact than you have in the past and truly showcasing your personality, requires showing up in your brand every day.

BUT I am not stopping there! You can’t just show up because I said to – you have to show up in your brand with intention. 

Let this sink in…

“Every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.” Shep Hyken

This is so true with your brand! So say it a little loud for the people in the back, will you? 

“Every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.” 

That’s some powerful stuff! To make a bigger impact, with your brand you have to truly be comfortable being yourself ALL.THE.TIME – everywhere you are!

So when our brands interact with others, we have to be genuine, natural and feel good about what we are sharing.

We want to make a positive impact and not leave our audience feeling confused as to who we are and what our brand stands for. 

We want them to connect with us and fall in love with us as real humans because that is who they are investing in. 

Your audience wants to know who you are and the quickest and easiest way to share that is through your brand! 

It’s important to remember that when you are working on your branding impact, your brand message and visuals are so important when showcasing who you are and what you are all about to your prospective clients.

Sharing your personality in your brand messaging

Have you ever sat down with your computer and couldn’t find the right words? Writing new copy for your website, a social media post, emailing a client – have you ever just froze and stared at a blinking cursor? 

Gosh – I know I have in the past!  

But now the words just flow without even thinking – and I am sure you have noticed I like to write! (long posts are my jam!)

So how did I get here? What changed? How did I go from hiring my copywriter to write EVERYTHING for me in my business, to now when I can sit down and knock it out quickly? 

I finally gave up trying to be perfect and owned who I am! Yep – long posts and all! I might ramble, I might take a hot minute to get to the point, but I get there. I had to fully and completely own who I was in my brand and that meant even in my words. 

Building a personal brand means being who you are in your brand! Your brand is more than a logo and visuals, it’s made up of your messaging as well. So if you are trying too hard to be something that you are not. Trying to sound more eloquent. Trying to hide the fact that you cuss like a sailor – you might just be missing the point! 

If you work with your clients one on one, let them get to know you and the real you from the beginning. Then you won’t have to spend another second wasting your time trying to be someone else. 

It’s time to own who you are in your messaging and stop trying to be “more”, “better”, or “different” than who you genuinely are.

People want to get to know you and invest in you – don’t forget that. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, being you is your superpower! 

Sharing your personality in your brand visuals 

The #1 reason clients reach out to me for a rebrand is that they feel like their brand doesn’t fit their style or level of business they have built. 

Let that sink in!

Does your brand feel like your favorite pair of joggers and a cozy pair of slippers? 

Sure it sounds weird to ask, but it damn well should feel that way! 

If you aren’t looking at your brand with excitement and feel connected to it – it’s time for a change!

You should feel so comfortable in your brand because it fits who you are and what you love – that’s when you will make the biggest branding impact. From your messaging to visuals, your brand should be designed around what inspires you and showcases your personality.

I have seen it time and time again that clients have worked with other designers who designed a brand around what the ideal client would want to see. In my opinion, this is the wrong approach.

So how do you increase your branding impact by truly being inspired by what you love?

If you are designing based on what someone else wants to see you might just end up hating it or feeling forced into something that you are not!

When I work with my clients we pull inspiration based on their likes, interests, and what visually stimulates them.

I work the magic of strategy to make sure that the emotions and feelings they want their audience to feel are optimized in their brand imagery! 

This strategy comes from using color psychology, selecting the right fonts, bringing in design elements that breathe life into the project.

I then deliver a cohesive design that marries strategy and personality-driven branding.

Designing brands that my clients feel confident in because it is just an extension of who they are is where the magic happens!

So let me ask you – do you have a brand designed for you OR have you designed a brand that you think your audience wants to see?

Now is the time to let your personality shine in all parts of your brand. Start booking more of those dream clients, and become Unforgettable!

Let’s do it! I am ready to be your guide throughout the branding process and set you up to shine! 

This is where I take you on an exciting brand adventure starting with your brand foundation. Then we add as much or as little as you’re looking for and what your business needs.

This could include brand collateral like welcome packets or stationery. Plus a website with messaging that attracts your very own dream clients.

It is genuinely tailored to your budget and your needs.

Got questions? Reach out and send me a message via my contact form! I’d love to hear from you!

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