How to save time with branded social media templates!

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May 3, 2021

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We all want to make things easier on ourselves, especially in business. I am not going to sugarcoat this at all! Once I created branded social media templates for my business I saved SO much time and my workflow for content creation was so much easier. So today I am going to speak directly about this and how it really changed my brand. Let’s get started, shall we?!

Why do you need branded social media templates for your business?

 Social media is a noisy place! Especially when you have to stand out while people are mindlessly scrolling.

You want to grab the attention of your audience but you don’t want to spend hours a week creating custom designs for social media when you already spend time creating the content. 

🙌🏻 Trust me as a designer I get it ten fold! 🙌🏻

Not only do I want to create the prettiest designs every week to show off my talent, but I want to create content that gets noticed (and read) in a busy feed.

I used to spend hours each week designing pretty little squares, selecting just the right photo, and making sure everything was picture perfect – ON TOP of spending hours writing content. 

Guess what – it’s NO surprise that it wasn’t sustainable. 

The minute that life got too hectic, the first thing to go was social media. I had to drop what took up the most time and focus on client work. 

I was constantly in a feast or famine mode with marketing, because only when life was good and easy did I stay consistent. 

If you need to be told – that just doesn’t work so well.

I decided my marketing plan needed an overhaul.

I created a system that made writing content easy breezy, but more importantly, I created templates for social media that leave the thinking and custom designs out of it! 

Here’s the thing, not only do I save SO much time, but my engagement has gone up because my brand recognition is SPOT ON! 

People know it’s my design and stop to connect WAY more frequently than before. 

My social media templates are:

  1. Quick and Painless to Update (most important)
  2. Easily Recognizable on Social Media
  3. Quick to Convey my Message Clearly

WIN! WIN! WIN! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I use Canva templates for my social media feed and for my stories! But what’s even better is I know that I can hand these templates off to my Virtual Assistant and my brand will remain intact and to quality even if they aren’t a designer!

Now, I can share branded images, photos, and fun selfies in my social media without having to sacrifice time and I know everything is taken care of.

Consistency is key – but so is standing out! 

So are you ready to add to your brand collateral and give your clients a truly unforgettable experience?

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