How to Mentally Prepare for a Rebrand

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March 20, 2018

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How to Mentally Prepare for a Rebrand
(because you need to have more than just the physical items ready for your designer)

So everyone around you is rebranding and it’s got you looking at your own brand like it’s a dusty ‘ol thing in need of some serious shine.

Or maybe you’re not seeing what everyone else is doing, but you’ve taken a good hard look at your brand and you’re not happy with it.

For whatever reason, your brand might not feel right. It might not feel like “you” and it might not be standing out and attracting the clients you want to work with.

Once you’ve come to the decision that your brand needs some work, besides looking for the right designer, what do you do next?

First of all—before you even start looking for a designer you need to be mentally prepared for the process, because rebranding your business, digging out your why, and trying to gain clarity around the direction your business is going can be an overwhelming process if you aren’t ready.

Here are my top two tips to help you mentally prepare for your rebrand journey:

1. Be Open to Change

If you’ve been doing what you’re doing for awhile, it can be hard to change even when you feel like you’re ready. You have to remember that bigger things are coming and the rebrand process takes work.

This means, it’s important to commit to the process—to answer the tough questions, to think about your intentions, and to truly open yourself up to new ways of doing things and putting yourself out there, so you can achieve the results you want.

Rebrands always require flexibility, because you’re gonna be stretching those business muscles as you make some big decisions and calls. Be ready for change, be ready to embrace it, and be ready to make some final decisions that get you there.

2. Know When You Might Need “More” than On-Point Design

If are holding back or questioning the direction of your business there will be hesitation and confusion. This won’t be because your branding isn’t on-point, but because you aren’t sure of who you are and where you want your business to go. So, a designer can design a million different logos, but if you’re not completely clear or get scared and pull back, you’re never going to “like” a design.

When you aren’t sure of the direction of your business and where you want to be in the next year (or five) a rebrand won’t stick. It will just be another step in finding your way ( and that’s one expensive step).

You’re going to need to try things to figure out what the right way is, but in the middle of a rebrand is not the time to do that. You MUST have a solid foundation of what you want to offer and what you are changing in your business. During the design phase, it’s important to know this so you can refer back to your notes (business plans, ideal client avatars, package offerings, etc) and make sure everything is in line.

You cannot rely on a designer to walk you through creating your packages or coaching you on your business direction. There is a big difference between designers and brand strategists. Some designers do offer brand strategy (typically at a way higher price point), but not all designers do.

It’s important that if you lack clarity about where you want to take your business, your values and vision, and what your product or packages should be that you speak with your designer. Even if designers don’t offer the strategy, most have a team of go-tos they can reach out to and add strategy on to help your rebrand process suit your needs.

Preparing all the physical stuff for a rebrand is usually top of mind for most business owners, but a lot of the time it’s the mental preparedness and lack of clarity that holds the process back or keeps it from being a truly amazing rebrand experience that results in a stand out business that fits the REAL you.

If you’re on the edge of your seat ready to embark on a rebrand….

If you’ve dug through and done the work to gain the clarity about who you are and where you’re going….

You, friend, are mentally prepared and ready to read and access my FREE guide: How to Build a Stand Out Brand.

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Hearts and Hoorays Friends!

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