How to Properly Choose the Perfect Brand Colors for Your Business

This may sound uber “unprofesh,” but my favorite tip for properly choosing your brand colors is to “follow your gut.” So many times, creative entrepreneurs and brand photographers choose brand colors that are trending or that vibe with their industry only to feel a disconnect with their brand and like something just isn’t quite right…

Photographer Brand Collateral that WILL Elevate Your Client Experience

Ok, before I go into this blog post, I have to get something off of my chest… If you invest your hard-earned money into having a professional brand and website designed, please do not just rely on the standard business templates on VistaPrint. I need to now let out a big “uggghhh” here. Nothing makes…

5 Things Every Photographer Needs to Do for Their Business During the “Off Season”

Whether we’re talking about business, the economy, or just our general lifestyle and well-being…. We have to accept that we’ll hit slow times, down times, blah times, “in-a-funk” times, or “off seasons” (we can call it so many things LOL). When it comes to being a photographer, creative, or business owner, we have to be…

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